What's cookin'?


I have a electric oven . I just learned this . I have a pizza stone set on the middle rack . I pre heat the oven at 550 for a hour . Then turn the oven off and set it to broil for 10 min . Insert the pizza and keep a eye out . It cooks quick . Maybe 5 min.


Similar to my link except it goes on the top shelf. I think I’ll try what you do. Thanks as always, em.


Just to redeem myself, here’s a better photo :slight_smile:


Oliver Stone agrees…


I cooked a pizza on the second rack from the top And It cooked very quick . Started to burn . Way to much char . Lowered to the middle and was much better on the second try .


Sloppily improvised focaccia-ish pizza with seriously random odds and ends of sheep and goat cheeses.


mizuna aux lardons

For future reference, three minutes was maybe too long for steaming the eggs in the Instant Pot, next time try two.


Those croutons are gorgeous :slight_smile:


Acme levain, tossed in olive oil, 15 minutes at 325° fan.


This is when a salad is a whole lot more than a salad.


A lot of French salads are meant to be a substantial main course, if not the whole meal.


As well they should be. And the fewer the ingredients, the better those ingredients should be. IMneverHO :slight_smile:


Tonight a random but seemingly seasonal stir-fry. Fresh fennel and pre-roasted delicata squash stir-fried with soba noodles and topped with a fried egg and bonito flakes. With limited seasonings on hand, I used tsuyu sauce, extra fish sauce, and yuzukosho for a bit of heat. No photo because it looked like a bowl of beige. Miso soup on the side.


Got a craving for biscuits so I whipped up a batch. Good recipe.


Bad picture of a pretty good burger. Brioche buns from TJ’s, ground beef from WF, Tillamook sharp cheddar, red onion, green leaf lettuce, and spicy mayo (mayo, Sri Lankan chili sauce, chilli powder). Nothing fancy, but it was very tasty and the patty was a perfect medium rare.


Borsht . With meat stock . Wish I had a piece of Lithuanian black rye to go with my soup . 20181111_203507|281x500



quinoa, chickpeas, onion, sauerkraut, Pomi, pipelchuma, piment d’espelette, scrambled eggs

“I’ll play it first and tell you what it is later.”—Miles Davis


I like the quote.


Italian sausage patties , and frittata. Cleaning out the fridge preparing for Thursday. Topped frittata after cooking with prosciutto not in photo.