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Tried to make Sonoran style sobaquera tortillas

Sonoratown - A Homemade Flour Tortilla to Rival Its Corn Counterpart

Any tips on what went right… and wrong?


Rolled pork loin with rosemary, garlic , and sage . Served with polenta , and broccoli rabe.


Very nice!


it turned out great actually–if you are a pizza maker or strudel maker, stretching the dough to tissue paper thin wouldn’t be a big learning curve. you don’t have to slap it back and forth like the abuelas do, but just take your time carefully. the hardest part was finding something big enough to cook it on, used the back of my 16’ wok. getting the heat just right for these tortillas can be tricky. too high, it becomes a cracker, so gotta be just right and flipping at the ideal time right when they start to bubble.

used mexican flour, tres estrellas for this but you can use AP. rendered lard, salt and hot water. that’s it. Just give dough enough time to relax before stretching. Chewy, flaky, lots of bubbles–really good and ready to be filled with Sonoratown’s chimichanga recipe.


Cool… when you wrote “tried” I thought something went wrong. If you cook them on the back of a wok do you then put the wok over flame?


exactly, just inverted it. tried as in it was first time trying to make flour tortillas :slight_smile: love sonoratown and samin nosrat recently wrote about them in the NYT so got me down the rabbithole of flour tortillas. Sonoratown has a few mentions on here, but doesn’t seem to get nearly as much love from FTC’ers.


Had great success using reverse sear method with Porchetta stuffed with sai oua herbal sausage.


Crushed it! Amazing cook on that!


Getting ready to have some shabu shabu at home


How am I just discovering this thread??? @SpockSpork makes stuff pretty frequently that would be great to post here…


Please! We need the company. :blush:


Great! I never thought to do it in a dutch oven. Do you use other pots? Do you put it on a hot plate on the table? :slight_smile:


We usually use those butane single burner stoves and a donabe but didn’t have any butane canisters, so we used our portable induction burner and our Dutch oven.


After encouragement from @A5KOBE and @Ns1, I’ve moved into beef short rib territory. The only thing holding me back has been my family of pork rib lovers. For NYE, I picked up 4 racks of beef plate short ribs. Got them home and trimmed them of the fat cap and silver skin…

Put them on my BGE for about 5-6 hours at 250°…

I probably could have left them on longer, but they were amazing. Next time. My wife using the leftovers the next night for chili was genius.


Seriously genius. You just gave me an idea for the leftover scraps from making beef cubes.

Your ribs look good!


Thanks! The short ribs only got better with a simmer in the chili. So tender.


Boiled potato. Lox on fried bread , with cream cheese, capers, and dill .


How did you fry your bread? We’re having lox, creme fraiche, etc. tonight.