What's on your Thanksgiving Menu?


I have no smoke from the camp fire . Clear . Rain and snow starting Tuesday evening through Sunday . Its about time to put snow back on the mountain.


Off-topic - who ME??? - here’s the site I use.



If I make them . They are going to be the star made with amish butter. All the way.


Where on earth does one get amish butter?!?!?


It comes in a roll here at our store here . A rare find


A roll??? Which store? I’d love to tell my friend there (who’s a great cook).


At Ray’s. My friend bought some last year . It rolled in a butcher paper . I’m going there tomorrow. It might be a style . But still unbelievably buttery.


We’ve got the usual 30+ so it’s a potluck. When my brother is in charge, the theme can get a bit wild. One year, it was Asian so he made teriyaki turkey and sushi. Nope. Just, nope.

I’m in charge this year so the menu is more traditional:
crab cakes
stuffed mushrooms
charcuterie/cheese platter

Roast turkey a la Zuni Cafe
Tri tip
Carver ham from Costco
butternut squash and kale salad from Serious Eats
roasted vegetables
cauliflower dish
mashed potatoes

cream puffs
lemon bars


Sushi made from raw turkey?


No, thankfully. Sushi from raw fish. Cooked turkey. It was a combo I’ll not need to experience again.


I think cooked turkey sushi could be good, if you used first-rate turkey, though it might take some experimentation, and Googling “turkey sushi” turns up some seriously unappetizing recipes.


extremely hard to imagine


I can imagine a slice of turkey (roasted or otherwise cooked) with a bite of rice and gravy topping it. Maybe the skin can be the seaweed wrapping it. Ohhh, like inari! Ummm…I just convinced myself that turkey sushi might work.


Kinda like Spam musubi.


Musubi with turkey Spam was the least disgusting recipe that Google turned up.


Today I will wash pounds of vegetables, then peel or slice or dice each according to its temperament, then I’m going to blanch.

I love prepping vegetables. :carrot::corn::tangerine::green_apple::potato::sweet_potato:


It’s only 11am and have most of the prep done for today.

  • prepped all veggies and drying out my ciabatta for stuffing
  • made the mac n cheese
  • blanched and squeezed out 3 lbs of spinach that is now the size of a thumbnail
  • made a bunch of twice baked potatoes
  • cranberry sauce from scratch firming up in the fridge


That is so impressive. :slight_smile:
I’m still chopping and peeling. I did, however, manage to find various serving dishes and casseroles in the garage just now. :+1:


Thanks. My wife was helping so we had 2 in the kitchen.

I also have an Excel spreadsheet we use for Thanksgiving that outlines what serving dish/cookware to use for each dish and the allotted time for prep/cooking in the oven. Makes it less stressful for me to have some semblance of a process.


Making the blueberry cheesecake. Steaming the goose . Then letting it sit in the fridge overnight to dry the skin . Into the oven tomorrow. A Jacques Pepin recipe. Joel Rubuchon mashed potatoes tomorrow with roasted acorn squash , bread dressing with some italian sausage .lots of wine . Everybody have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Cheers .:wine_glass::wine_glass::champagne: