What's on your Thanksgiving Menu?


My mom bought the turkey thighs from Whole Foods. She said no special order needed this time of year. She bought giblets separately at Bristol Farms to make gravy. With only three of us, three large thighs still resulted in leftovers :yum:


I couldn’t find a gravy boat, so I served the gravy in little Bell jars, which worked out great! Easy to pour and the jars kept the gravy warm for a while. They also added whismy to the table, and we all love a little whimsy, yes? :wink:


…and very neat.


My contributions to Thanksgiving dinner hosted by friends. Those are bacon wrapped dates, in case you can’t tell.

Then after dinner my goddaughter and I made this.


Nice contribution.


Leftover mashed potatoes…turned into gnocchi ?


I don’t luv gnocchi, but still a good idea.


Ditto. I don’t make mashed potatoes very often but when I do, leftovers as is are fine with me. Well, maybe a little more butter!


I smoked some beef short ribs for my side of the family. I sent it off with my mom and dad while the wife and I went to her family’s thanksgiving. By the time I got to my family’s get together, it was all gone. Oh well, at least they enjoyed it

Here it is before it was finished, it needed another hour or so.


Now I want to do a goose too. Pepin is ma man. How involved are the steps? No rush if you’re Tday pooped. I won’t be doing it today. :wink:


I take small portions at first so I have room for seconds and thirds of the things I want the most of.


Easy . Use the food and wine recipe from Jacques Pepin.


Just found the butter you spoke of… at Supering in Los Angeles!

Here’s a pic from web restaurant -

And SK has both salted and unsalted. A two pound roll for $10. Should I dive in?


Food at a relative’s place

2015 Domaine Fourrier Gevrey-Chambertin, 2016 Kongsgaard Chardonnay, 2008 Cristal

Lonza, lomo, 24 mo prosciutto, truffle salami, piccolo diavolo, pate

Foie marinated in Riesling with espelette pepper

Duck rillettes

Porchetta, brussel sprouts with guanciale and cassis vinegar, sunchoke-celeriac veloute

Not pictured: a kohlrabi and apple salad with green apple vinegar

Acorn squash with sage, pepitas, amaretto, and brown butter; corn spoonbread

Spiced apple and quince crostata with ice cream (earl grey; four barrel coffee with cacao nibs)


How was the foie gras cooked?


It was a “foie au torchon,” so it was poached in a cheesecloth. I purchased it that way; I did not make foie from scratch.


Ah, thanks. I have half a lobe in the freezer that I need to sear. It’s gotta be my favorite thing to eat.


Absolutely. I did the Joel Rubuchon mashed potato recipe . Go big .



  1. Green bean casserole + Colatura di Alici (this is also wonderful with mashed potatoes);
  2. Cottage cheese English muffin + cranberry sauce; and
  3. Stuffing balls.

I am also on my third batch of Instant Pot turkey stock.



What are “stuffing balls”???

What are you making your stock with/from?