What's the Chowiest Mini Mall in Town?


I think it is hard to beat Alexandria Plaza in K*town.

Sun Nong Dan
Yangji Gamjatang
Paik’s Noodle


Chowy indeed. That 7-11 is da bomb.


Have you had the Big Bite?


Focus Plaza in San Gabriel


Across the street is Gwang Yang too!


Maybe in China that’s a Mini Mall…not here!


valley blvd from new to del mar is essentially one large mini mall. and you can proceed farther east all the way to the plaza that houses the san gabriel hilton.

i could go to the intersection of las tunas and mission for a week or two and not frequent the same place twice and have many a chow-worthy meal and also not order the same type of dish twice.

regardless, the mini-mall is likely to feature asian cuisine, and in the SGV, more likely to be pan-asian as korean & japanese restaurants have expanded looking specially to cater to chinese clientele; the sung nong dan in san gabriel has a number of waitstaff who speak mandarin. it caught me off guard listening to them converse amongst themselves in mandarin. and IIRC there’s a chinese magazine with a circulation of about 30,000 written exclusively in chinese - advertising nothing but japanese restaurants. and of course, you’ve got that enclave of chinese-vietnamese in the SGV as well. the intersection at mission & las tunas boasts shanghai (southern minitown & q/emperor kitchen), dalian (tasty noodle), taiwanese (golden leaf), korean (bonchon (sp?) chicken), japanese (benten (sp?) ramen) & vietnamese (golden deli & vietnam house) & i haven’t mentioned 101/luscious dumplings & hui tou xiang next door yet nor kingburg kitchen…


All of SoCal is one big mini-mall, then. #ifeellikeanoxymoron


or maybe just a regular moron?

any generalization fails to hold if you push it far enough.


Generalizing like osaka>tokyo?


if you want to go there, go there alone.


Better yet just have your friend go and then tell you all about it.