What's your average daily spend on weekday lunch?


But not as much as other sites.


So I can get some protein during lunch and to supplement my diet now that I don’t eat much meat unless I’m eating out.



12. Whey Protein Supplements



As robert said some are fine and some definitely aren’t.


@moonboy403 I think it’s brilliant that you choose to exercise restraint while having a pretty healthy lunch and saving $$$ at the same time. I’m neither a nutritionalist or a doctor, so I have no business commenting on what you should or should not be doing.


Hell, some of us here ARE nutritionalists and doctors, and we STILL have no business commenting on what @moonboy403 should or should not be doing, as we do not have all the facts about his health in consideration…

And how did a thread about lunch budgets drift into non-expert medical recommendations?!


When some people thought it right to go off the rails…


This site allows convos to get quite OT as long as they’re mostly food-related. And I think there’s a difference in commenting on what he’s eating vs. what he should or shouldn’t eat. At least that’s my idea.

  1. Tuna. “Alex, I’ll take mercury for five hundred…”

  2. Fish of all types. “Alex, I’ll take dioxins and PCBs in farmed salmon for a thousand…”

  3. Shrimp. Alex, I’ll take residual antibiotics, rat hairs and insect pieces in farmed shrimp for two thousand…"

“You picked the daily double, Debbi Downer! Not only is farmed shrimp potentially disgusting and unhealthy, many of the shrimp farms displace mangrove forests - critical for sealife habitat as well as protecting shorelines from severe weather and erosion!”

In the words of Sid the Sloth,
“We’re gonna die!”


As I’ve said for almost two years (elsewhere), please provide reputable and verifiable citations to support that. And I ask sincerely. I’m an
info junkie. TIA.


I’m not in doubt of these facts. You can Google to your heart’s content.


Or not. As I said, facts are all that matter to me.


I am celebrating my friends life tonight . They are taking her off life support tomorrow. I can barely write this in tears . About food . I cooked her alot of dinners . Love ya Jill . I’ll miss the shit out of you . You never know when .


Oh, Em, I’m sorry. Please accept my sincere condolences. And, of course, you’re right. Love you, Cath


Wiki “Mercury in fish” and “biomagnification.”
Monterey Bay Seafood Selector is a good source as well.

But since you already know everything, you already knew that.


If a coworker picks up the tab, is the spend for the day = 0?


Monterey Bay Aquarium has a great guide.



Hey, bub! Get outta here with that noise!
I’d prefer to keep this thread real school marmy by focusing on concern trolling another poster for his eating habits . . . on a food board thank you very much.


???.. I guess… Whatever…