What's your average daily spend on weekday lunch?


I’m usually between $8 and $12, but I don’t have a set budget. Price can easily approach $150-$200 if my lovely bride and I do late lunch/day drinking on a Friday afternoon.


this may seem weird but i eat at a different restaurant for lunch everyday. even though i work, i don’t have any time constraints and driving at noontime is usually not that bad. one of the great things about FTC is all the
recommendations. so please keep recommending any great lunch spots. thanks


I want to assume that faves get re-visited occasionally?


occasionally but unfortunately not enough. it’s somewhere between a disease and having a new adventure everyday.


LOL. Now don’t tell me you have a spreadsheet!


No spreadsheet but I’ve been doing this for years. I’m not that organized.

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Who has time for lunch ?


It counts as negative $15, which gives you $30 for the next day. Also, if anyone asks you about your meal, it counts as sharing. Therefore, your meal cost $7.50. I believe accounting should be creative


I totally agree. Math like that is important in lots of areas.


Employers these days tend to insist on it.


Must be at the wrong company


Have you tried Thai Time in North Park? They have an excellent, and reasonable, lunch special, as does Buga on Clairmont Mesa Blvd, off of I 805.


thanks for the recommendation but san diego is further than i usually go. orange county is my southern limit.


I admire that lifestyle.


thanks. most people think i’m nuts.


Now that I’m retired, I’ve really enjoyed trying new places at lunch. It’s usually cheaper than dinner and not as crowded, as I can choose to go at either end of the lunch hour. I, too, keep a list on my computer/phone of places to try out, or return to after long absences. I color code my results to remind me of what was good or bad. I try to keep these excursions to $15, but if the place warrants it , I’ll go to $25. If figure it is still a better value than going at night. Besides I love to cook, so dinner is MY menu. As far as the list goes, I come by it honestly. My Mom, the librarian, developed a stack of 3X5 cards with the name, address & phone # of all the restaurants she enjoyed or wanted to try within a 50 mile radius. She used the discarded card catalog cards, and went in order as best she could whenever she had a companion to eat with. It was quirky, but it did give us an excuse to go to Mr. A’s and Mille Fleur besides birthdays!