Where do you get your holiday tamales?


Taco Maria is selling tamales online for pick up at the restaurant. $72 for a dozen. I’m sure they are delicious but way more expensive than anybody else on this list.

Pork chili verde
Chicken mole
Cheese with pumpkin seeds and jalapenos


The website won’t let you get 4 of each for your dozen.


I asked before but no one answered. If you’re buying them now, do you freeze them til Christmas?


They do freeze well. But It’s more likely the case that most checking out various places to decide on their favorite buy for the holidays


Ah, that makes sense. Thanks.


Thats a bummer. I was thinking of maybe doing the same as you - 4 of each.


St. Francis Center downtown is a charitable organization that serves the homeless and extremely low income families (generally under $10,000 of income for a family of 4). Interestingly, the “clients” of the programs form a community of sorts. About ten years ago, a group of women clients wanted to give back to the Center, and proposed a tamale cookoff, which became known as Top Tamale.

They each prepared their best tamale recipe, and there was a tasting and a winner chosen. Then, all of the participants volunteered to make that woman’s recipe, and the tamales were sold to raise money for the Center. The program has expanded, and this year, instead of another competition, the women agreed to make the favorites from the past ten years. My favorites are the cheese and sweet tamales, but the pork and chicken are also tried and true.

They cut it off at 450 dozen, and are about half way through the season. I just put in my order.


Love Me Gusta…

Not a bad idea since I assume “famous” places are swamped during the holidays… You can even microwave them w/ decent results…


For those interested in Sandra’s as of today, they are no longer taking pre-orders. Come in to order, and stroll over to the Citadel and shop or whatever while you wait for your return time.


I fondly remember our old nabe in SF where a lady sold them on a street corner.


Just saw that Amor Y Tacos in Cerritos is offering tamales for the season, too.

  • Pork Chile Verde
  • Short Rib Rojo
  • Rajas con queso
  • Sweet corn
  • Chicken Chile Verde with vegetables

They’re charging $14.75 for each half dozen ordered. No mixing and matching. Must order by the half dozen. Will try to stop by or call to order by this weekend.


Just picked up 1/2 dozen pork and 1/2 dozen cheese tamales from St. Francis Center. The masa is light and fluffly and the flavor is good. However, there is little to no sauce in or on the tamales so they are kinda dry–particularly the pork. The cheese one benefits from the cheese being…cheese and naturally fatty. I would recommend the cheese. If you have a bomb salsa to add to it, I would still recommend the cheese. tamale6