Where to buy quality wok?




:scream: 200,000 BTU for $134!


But you amateurs still won’t be able to do this. Skip to 1:30 if you just want to see the goods.


We have that Joyce Chen wok from the article and love it. You might want to do some wrist strengthening exercises first though.


Just don’t make the mistake I did and get a cast iron wok. The thing is a monster and too cumbersome for wok frying imo.


Yea, no way.


And you know it’s legit, 'cause fortune cookies.


Why don’t we have this in Los Angeles? We like street food.


would highly recommend these outdoor propane options for those serious about wok cooking especially here in so cal with it’s mild winters. Here’s a pretty helpful review:

I’ve been wokking with a 150K BTU burner with a 16 inch carbon steel wok w/ wooden handle ( from wok shop SF) in my patio for the past 6 months almost daily and its been fantastic. I honestly use it at only 50% capacity and the wok hei from all my stir fries are restaurant quality and done in literally minutes.

While the built in wok option looks great, i just love doing it outdoors…don’t have to worry about ventilation/grease (lined my cooktop with stainless steel sheets).


Old school charcoal fire #backyardgoals

Surprisingly good “wok hei” explanation from Michelin https://guide.michelin.com/hk/en/hong-kong-macau/dining-out/what-is-wok-hei/news


that’s great
what’s he making?


beef chowfun iirc


And, obviously, an important phone call.


“Hello? Sergio? Hey man wassup? Bro, how do you make this thing with the beef and the noodles?”… “Yeah, well there’s these tourists filming me, so I gotta make it look good.”