Where to eat to beat the heat?


Supposed to be 100 degrees or so the next few days. It supposed to be 112 in Brea tomorrow.

Where do you eat when it’s this hot? I try to avoid places with poor non existent AC and places with ovens that are near the dining area like some pizza places and some middle eastern places that make bread in house. Our go to is usually some place that can cook Korean bbq meat in the back with some ice cold nayngmyun. And obviously ice cream or Yogurtland bc they usually have very good AC.


Last heat wave, I drove to Torrance twice for icy cold soba noodles at Ichimian, thanks to @Chowseeker1999’s recommendation. I will probably be there again tomorrow. :slight_smile:



Hi @Bookwich,

Yes! Definitely cool, chilled Soba Noodles weather. :slight_smile:


I love spicy food when it’s hot. May stop by Killer Noodle this weekend.


A ‘to-go’ order of cold spicy noodles with shredded chicken, cucumber & cilantro, from Northern Cafe…

Stay cool, everyone!


Does Killer Noodle have cold noodles? I’m planning on stopping by in, like, 30 mins to see…


Me too. I like ordering dishes such as the chicken 65 and shrimp balcao at the highest spice level at Mandovi in El Segundo and washing them down with some mango lassi.


Cold udon from Marugame:


today i went to a liang’s kitchen off-shoot in arcadia and had the liang pi:

naengmyeon sounds like a good call.


Heat like this makes me crave aguachile and other mariscos, and I’m overdue for a trip back to Holbox… and maybe this is finally the weekend for mariscos el moreno in Lynwood.


Obviously a Yu Chun-La Cevicheria bang bang and maybe stop at a Asian market for some yellow watermelon for that juicy honey taste summer fruit of the Gods.


I can’t believe I still haven’t had Holbox yet.

@Srsly give Mariscos Tocho a try. Great tostadas and towers con Salsa Negra!!


Yes! I’ve been trying to remember the name of that place all week, thank you! Hopefully I’ll make it out there soon.


Report back if you do! Haven’t been in awhile. Knowing you from my La Unica thread you will love the Mariscos with the Salsa Negra.

Have you been to Mariscos El Bigoton in East Los?


Where is everyone getting their cold Asian peanut noodles from these days??? There is no better time for this dish than this week in SoCal.


Cold noodle from Hop woo restaurant.


Not peanut, but sesame cold chicken noodles at Peking Tavern is very good, especially washed down with a bai jiu cocktail.


for those who can, grill the chicken and make the noodles the night before and make it at home the next day. especially when chicken breast is only $1.29/lb AT ALDI’'s. peanut sauce ingredients aren’t that difficult to obtain.


went with the cold plate at ding’s garden yesterday.

it was interesting to note that the older folks were going with cold dishes while the younger patrons were ordering dishes with the steam rising off them as they were brought to the table.


Did that at Peking Tavern last night. Not good. Northern Cafe’s version was far superior.