Where to eat to beat the heat?


Everyone go to their rooms and shut the doors. Mom and Dad are fighting again!


Then perhaps I could intrigue you in a bowl of Yulmu Bibim Guk Su from Hangari Bajirak Kalguksu, especially because all of their food contains gluten, and that’s why it tastes so good!


Went to Hangari and I got some cold noodles.

Milmyeon. Which hit the spot from this recent heatwave

The banchan was nice with sesame oil flavored barley that you mix it up some of the kimchi. And something you don’t see in most of Ktown as a side, spicy pork with rice paper.


Cold yam noodles at Sulga Jinju Gomtang.

Just terrific yam noodles (with a thicker texture and a more viscous mouthfeel than raengmyŏn), in a light refreshing beet broth (or maybe the better word here is “nectar”) that has just a slight hint of an acidic tangy aftertaste.


i went to yuchun last week.

i noted with some interest that a caucasian patron was offered a fork and received only radish banchan. (we got 3 like all other tables featuring at least one asian patron).

no pics, but last night, i made peanut sauce, grilled some chicken breast, added bean sprouts & sliced cucumber to make a very large cold chicken noodle that i plan to eat for the rest of the week.


Finally made it to Tocho recently, and thought it was pretty awesome, thanks for the rec! The tacos Tocho didn’t really work for me - basic carne asada and ok shrimp - but the tostada was outstanding. Also didn’t realize it was absolutely huge and $12 so I went a little overboard, but I managed to take it all down with the excellent salsa negra. If it was a little closer I’d go all the time.


Speaking of cold sesame noodles, I made them last week.They were delicious. I used the New York Times recipe with many substitutions due to the lack of a Chinese grocery store near my house.