Where to go for tomorrow for Dim Sum in SGV


Hi folks,

I’m taking a few Westside buds out to SGV that have been bugging me for months to show them what’s up.

I’m a regular Dim Sum seeker. Rather than heading to the gold standards (lunasia, elite…) I too want a new experience. Thinking either Xiang Yuan Gourmet,Longo seafood, Monterey or Seafood Palace…any advice or other ideas? Fire away!!


Happy Harbor in City of Industry


Monterey Palace is ordinary. Seafood Palace doesn’t serve dim sum. The formerly affiliated Seafood Village in Rowland Heights still does, I believe, and is pretty good. Happy Harbor in Rowland Heights is excellent. Xiang Yuan Gourmet is quite good. Haven’t been able to get close enough to Longo. How about China Red in Arcadia? At the low end, both NBC and Ocean Star have made comebacks and are now decent.


i’d say it depends on what your ‘buds’ expect; there’s a reason why some places don’t make the “A” list. if they’re ok with being potentially underwhelmed at the culinary level…then anywhere is fine. if they’re relatively new to dim sum, a place that does the basics well may be the best choice, in which case i suggest china red. carts or no carts? carts - either ocean star or 888 - in 888’s case they have a bit more seasonal variety.


Unlike my perspectives on most other genres of restaurant eating, when it comes to dim sum, my world view is rather binary:

There’s good, and there’s bad. I always choose good, and good means Sea Harbour.


Thank you for all your insight!