Where's kevin


It is his birthday today.
He’s prolly eating up a fucking proverbial storm.
And that ain’t no fucking joke.


Find him and break the “F” key on his keyboard. Boring.




Well wishing that fucking knuckledhead one hell of a birthday.



and besides old kevin where’s Porthos ? He looked like a regular in these parts.


Self-imposed exile. His last post was on this thread on June 10th:


[quote=“Funtimes, post:186, topic:2093”]
where’s Porthos ? He looked like a regular in these parts.
[/quote]He totally was, like everyday, in depth. I miss him. But he got mad about something I still haven’t completely grasped. Something that seemed to be about intellectual properties and Robert profiting off of his pictures and reviews. To which Robert replied that he’s made “$364. and You’re welcome”. To which Sgee posted this hilariously obscene photo with the caption "Robert rolling in his pile of $364…"

Okay… There’s your update. Welcome to FTC. Glad to have ya’.


I haven’t made any money off this site. At one point it was something like $700 in the red. With the Patreon contributions it’s heading slowly toward the black.


That’s a lot of money.

I wonder if anyone can make out that wine bottle.

I do remember Porthos used to line up those wine bottles too, though it seemed like he had something to prove despite some of his wealth of info.

kevin on the other hand seemed like a decent, knowledge guy with a quick wit.


What’s Patreeon ?


A fundraising site where users can chip in if they like.


There was a certain pomposity there. But he could be encouraging too. I had expressed my desire to become more knowledgeable about sushi. But after reading posts by the sushi aficionados I was slightly intimidated, and I’m not easily intimidated. It’s like you must have superior knowledge, know all the rules and the etiquette just to step foot in a high-end sushi place :rolling_eyes:. Anyway, he (and a couple of posters) encouraged me to forget about it, jump in and go for it. He gave me good tips and came up with restaurants to start. I’ve been slowly working on a little journey, which I’ll report on. I’ll be a little bummed he won’t read it.

Plus I must admit to digging his lifestyles of the rich and famous moments.

I can understand why he put some people off. Like I wrote, his leaving the way he did and the why was kinda’ ridiculous.

Kevin on the other hand was gone before I started posting. So I didn’t get much of a feel for him, except for reading his odd sentence structures and his overly generous use of the word fuck. As I understand, Porthos was particularly put out by it? But I know some posters adored kevin. And apparently he could really put some great words down when he wanted to.

It’s funny in an ironic sort of way, Porthos might have been the catalyst for kevin leaving, then ends up leaving himself … Hmmm.


Both were such great posters - curious palates, knowledgeable, good writers - whose stuff I loved to read. Both still have their accounts, so who knows what will be down the line?

I know @kevin reads and keeps up with the board as much as ever, even if he doesn’t post.


I’ve read some of the ‘real’ reviews he’s written. He gets a bit carried away (IMneverHO!!!) with adjectives but at least knows that in the real world, hurling f-bombs isn’t acceptable. I wasn’t offended by them but couldn’t separate the wheat from the chaff. Not worth the effort. Maybe when he matures a bit he’ll realize this.


[quote=“CiaoBob, post:194, topic:2093”]
Both still have their accounts, so who knows what will be down the line? I know @kevin reads and keeps up with the board as much as ever, even if he doesn’t post.
[/quote]Okay good. Then @kevin & @Porthos! Get your fucking asses back here! I’m going to wash my potty mouth out with beer.


And pray that Kevin will leave his ‘fucking vocabulary’ wherever he leaves it otherwise.

PS: I don’t really “pray” that he does that. A figure of speech.


nothing really wrong with a little fucking i guess. if it’s in good clean fun.


Agree. kevin was only throwing* his bits and bytes our way. It’s not like it was graphic porn pix. But the point has been played out by us castaways.

*Typed in “tossin’” at first. Bad choice, honest mistake that made me laugh.




I thought I was going to avoid the subject of kevin from now on. Having not been a member when he left I didn’t really have feelings about it either way, except that the circumstances are curious. But looking at his good pieces in the LA Weekly - about food trends - made me think about it again.

Do you think kevin could be a genius? A crazy like a fox type guy? He got a lot of attention on FTC, then abruptly and some say mysteriously disappeared. Yet a year later we’re still talking about him. This is one of the biggest and longest running threads on FTC. How many of us would have an entire thread dedicated just to our leaving?
Now he surfaces as a bona fide food critic. A job a few of us would secretly love to have.

Was there a master plan there? Or am I just bored?