Where's kevin


He’s a first-rate food writer. That was clear from the serious reviews he posted here, which were in a completely different style than he used for his social-media-type posts.


Hes a great writer, and this thread is too long.

His post on bad foods was pretty good too, or rather an interesting read.

I liked Charles Perry for the LA Times but he retired or ? I can’t find his reviews anymore.


[quote=“Funtimes, post:203, topic:2093”]
Hes a great writer, and this thread is too long.
[/quote]That made me laugh.


Thank you Cookies.

When I see your name I think of the movie Cookie’s Fortunes.


I should put that on my Netflix list. I love most Altman movies and Julianne Moore is my girl. Great cast.



It’s good.

But it’s not really Short Cuts: that was his masterpiece, and who can forget that scene with Julianne Moore sans bottoms.



Wonder how his new year’s (kevin) went.

Calling Porthos too.


I trade emails with Porthos occasionally. As much as I would love to see him return, I don’t think it’s in the cards.


Do you trade emails with kevin too ?


I don’t, but I know others here are, or have been, in touch with him.


It’s weird these two are like legends.


Not for the rest of the country. Nationwide legends were, first of all, IMO, Sam F. Also jfood who I think is on another site. Alan Barnes got fed up with the whole CH and left. Veggo and FoodFuser and others have died. Just to put it in perspective. No offense intended.


You know that Sam F passed away a long time ago… right?


Yes. I should have amended the post. Coming up on seven years in April. He and I were part of a group that corresponded really regularly off-site. And had a great time doing it :slight_smile:


And so did Veggo. RIP.


Veggo and I went through a spell where we talked every day!!! And FoodFuser. And Moh. And many more, I’m sure. Some time back someone compiled the data and CH’s average age was mid40s. I have the sense that the LA folks are a lot younger. Just from the amount of food they eat :smile:


What happen to Sam F., where’d he post ?


Yes, probably.

Veggo was the poet who smoked Cuban cigars and drank fine rums.


There was an older guy named Chino Wayne. He had lots of fans too.

I think he was always on some sort of a liquid diet.

But every once in a whiles he would partake.