Where's kevin


From some of his posts, I got the impression that Chino Wayne was posting from the state prison there.


FoodFuser (Dawson Sather) was the poet. Veggo had visited Cuba but I didn’t know about the cigars. He and Sam via email would stay up late, drink rum and get in CH trouble together :slight_smile:


I believe Chino Wayne died. I believe he was in a wheelchair or maybe that was his wife


Veggo and Bill Hunt used to do the cigar thing …and port,


As mentioned above, he died.


Oh, fuck. :frowning:


I always liked Bill Hunt . He hasn’t posted anything in quite some time . Enjoyed the shit out of his comments on wine .


IIRC, he was posting prolifically on TripAdvisor.



[quote=“Funtimes, post:208, topic:2093”]
who can forget that scene with Julianne Moore sans bottoms.
[/quote]Not me. That took guts.


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I trade emails with Porthos occasionally. As much as I would love to see him return, I don’t think it’s in the cards.
[/quote]Bummer. But why is what I want to know?


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I have the sense that the LA folks are a lot younger. Just from the amount of food they eat
[/quote]That’s funny cath.


I haven’t checked in here for a while. It’s turned into the in memoriam thread.


Perhaps just putting things in perspective?


It basically came down to a difference of opinion as to whether we should merge FTC with Hungry Onion.

I don’t necessarily agree with him, but I respect his opinion and miss his posts.


In perspective or in memoriam… they both seem like January things to do.


Discourse said merging the two boards was technically impossible.

The alternative was shutting down this board and redirecting people over there, and people here didn’t express any enthusiasm for that idea.


I totally don’t mean the following as a modertion thing… But, if people want to remember other posters, maybe we could set up threads for that? I suggest it only b/c I’m a relatively new poster (relative to the older timers!), and it’s actually really lovely to hear stories about posters that make the handles and avatars “real people.” I also just love back stories. :slight_smile:

Some might think it morose, but I think a thread about “History of CH --> FTC and the people who made it possible” and/or “Posters we knew, loved, and lost” would be a nice way for other people to learn about them and would be a lovely (if small) tribute.


As I said, I have nothing but love for Porthos, but I did not agree with him, as evidenced by the fact that I am still here and financially supporting the cause.


Thanks for that. Other posters have tried to explain it to me. But it all seems kind of vague… even his own posts about it. It’s just so weird, because he seemed to love posting here and was very prolific. How does one just stop cold turkey? That’s rhetorical btw.