Where's kevin


I don’t get the sense that it was an easy decision for him. He did comment to me, however, that it was really nice being able to sit down and enjoy a meal without having to worry about photographing it. :wink:


That’s funny. It is a bit of an addiction. I used to forget I even had a camera on my phone, and used to roll my eyes when I saw people taking food pictures. I don’t think I’ve ever posted a picture with my Yelp reviews. Then I started food talking…


Was this the big discussion that seemed to be about which site owner ‘owned’ the contributed posts of users? I never really understood how that was such a big deal.


Yes, and neither did I.


I think Porthos thought it was something like that, but that was no obstacle to shutting this site down and redirecting to HO.

This site’s terms of service explicitly disclaim any copyright over posts. HO’s terms of service say posts there are subject to the Creative Commons 3.0 license.



Without ANY desire to re-open this discussion, I’d just like to know who are the licensor and licensee covered by that license. Could be three entities involved: Discourse>FTC>users like me. I’m assuming it’s the latter two, but want to be sure. Thanks.


Discourse is just hosted software.

There’s no license on this site. Much of the terms of service is boilerplate that comes with the software.

Hungry Onion’s terms of service give everyone in the world the right to copy anything you post there so long as they meet the requirements of the Creative Commons 3.0 license. I’m not sure if that was Discourse boilerplate or if they added it.


It did take some guts.

And I viewed the scene again, she’s a beaut. And spoiler alert:

The curtains do match the drapes.


What that mean ?

Each individual user has the copyright to whatever they as individuals post here ?


And you r hooked now ?


Have you seen your movie yet ?

Cookie’s Fortune.


That’s up to each individual. The relevant part of the terms of service is:

Food Talk Central is not the publisher or author of any works posted by its members. It is a passive service for storage and dissemination of the works that Food Talk Central members may choose to post and distribute via Food Talk Central. Food Talk Central does not screen works before they are posted, and no prior approval is required for posting. Food Talk Central disclaims all copyright and ownership in such works and all responsibility for them.




I’ll put it in my queue.




It did take some guts.

And I viewed the scene again, she’s a beaut. And spoiler alert:

The curtains do match the drapes.


…And she can act. Love her.


some say she can’t.

i say she can at times.

But she’s a beautiful red head. which are few and/or between in La Lan Land.


There used to be a guy named RussKart

is he still here


[quote=“Funtimes, post:259, topic:2093”]
some say she can’t.
[/quote]Those would be fighting words to me. The Hours, Far from Heaven, Boogie Nights. I’ll stop now, because I could go on. This is definitely not about food. But come to think of it, no longer is - where the fuck is kevin?