Where's kevin


Oh, I totally agree. But doesn’t “asked and answered” kick in?


[quote=“catholiver, post:282, topic:2093”]
But doesn’t “asked and answered” kick in?
[/quote]I think it already has. No one is actually discussing kevin on this thread lately. The topic had a phenomenal run though… kevinwise I mean.

@Funtimes? Us good home cooks are here. FTC is just more of a restaurant-centric board. And I have to admit to liking it :blush: too much maybe.


It definitely did.

And he’s definitely a legend like others could state better than I could.

I have to check that Cooking board to, save me many dollars.


As I wrote, I was a pretty ho-hum cook before joining CH. I started looking for a resto rec for NYC. But along the way I started making my own pasta, grinding our meat, making pretty complicated recipes, etc. And I had people holding my hand along the way. I still remember jfood going to bed on the East Coast before I finished his recipe for ravioli - on the Left Coast. And rushing back to the site in the AM to see how it turned out.


cool story.

so you owe your good cookings to the board now. hah!


Totes :slight_smile:


How much do you eat out ? and in ?


is there a bars section of this board ? Where to imbibe /


Hi @Funtimes -

I was an avid home cook for years and loved it. But kids are older and doing their own thing…Yay. One has a girl who likes to cook, one is a chef himself and the other became a vegetarian last year. I do cook some good vegetarian meals. But mostly Dad & I are enjoying the restaurant scene, food talking and not doing dishes! Have 'em young and get 'em out while you can still enjoy life. Who said that? :flushed:

One unexpected bonus - I have lost weight not having all that food in the house :thinking:. But it’s definitely more expensive.

To make a long story short :blush:, We (meaning I) cook a couple times a week, eat some good take-out a couple times and dine out a couple times a week… and of course, there’s sandwich night.

That was a great question btw. You made me think about our change in lifestyle.




@Funtimes I don’t know how to put in a thread link, so here is a regular link.


I thought of that thread too. Good job soldier!


Bars, just post in the regional topic.


that’s interesting. you said you lost weight eating out more than cooking at home. most people and studies would say it’s the opporist of that.


where’s the bar section ? srry.


Just post in the relevant regional topic.


i c.


Oh, I’d say I eat lighter and healthier - mostly - when I eat out. More choices.


Hi @Funtimes -

Yep… That’s why I wrote unexpectedly.

I still think eating at home is way healthier. But, when I was shopping and cooking a lot there was much more food in the house, making for hazardous midnight snacking. Now I go in the fridge at night and it’s pretty dismal… peanut butter on apple slices or a slice of cheese. As opposed to sopping up that delicious meat sauce on a hunk of French bread with a dab of mayo… gotta’ have my mayo. Veganaise to be exact, but you get my drift.

Besides, though I like rich foods I’m a nibbler. If I order some super-sized American portion you can bet it will also be breakfast the next day and maybe lunch too :slight_smile:.

@kevin? Do you have any thoughts on this fucking subject?


@TheCookie I’m betting he reads this “fucking” board sometimes.

Nibbling on heavy foods is good, like the French do. That’s why they it all of that stuff and still doing gain pounds until McDonald’s arrived there.

I would think raiding the fridge late night could be bad if you’re eating leftover mac n cheese, creamy beef stroganoff and bowls of chili and pizza.