Where's kevin


Ah F—…


I guess you mentioned that we know the word “fuck” and it looks like you’re saying you use the same word on your Facebook posts if i be reading you correctly.

it sounds a little hyproctical to me. maybe ?


we just can get along.

some of have compared kevin to the literary greats like Faulkner and Fitzergerland and Hemingway.

Someone said it up the thread.

Just sayings.


what long thread. over 300 posts now. yes, i guess it’s boring that’s why its so long. :heart_eyes:


But I use the word in moderation. I don’t describe everything or body that way. It loses its ‘power’ when one does. As far as comparing kevin to those authors the reviews I’ve read recently come off as weak even compared to other restaurant reviewers much less true writers. IMneverHO of course!


Geez, this is boring. I’m with @TheCookie.

Adieu, Kevin whoever-you-are thread.


That was me - and it was mentioning his use of said verbiage as did many of the great writers in their daily conversations.


Here’s 492 posts in 2-1/2 months about the actual death of a poster. Someone who made a difference in our lives. That’s all I’m saying.


And I also am through with this silliness.


oh, it was you.

excuse me about @catholiver you seem to have a bad attitude about others that you don’t like.

saying, granted to some this Kevin character mattered to some people, just maybe not you.


Wow!!! My first grandchild was born yesterday… apparently into a world where someone who voices discomfort with a person who uses the word fuck (for no apparent useful purpose) several times in every post here is deemed to have “a bad attitude about others”. I get that acceptance of others’ individuality is a good thing to have, but… really. If you were at dinner with someone who thought it was useful to fart loudly every few minutes during the meal (and make no apology for it) … I guess that would be just fine???


that’s what I was getting at essentially.

but people can disagree one would assume.

you’re correct @Midlife


Haven’t you and others already posted about people who have passed away? I seem to recall posters sharing stories and reminiscing. On the other hand, nobody is allowed to talk about missing kevin without your sour comments. He’s gone. Wtf else do you want?

As far as you being “done with this silliness”, I’m confused as to why you spend so much time on this thread anyway. Unless it’s to troll posters who like kevin.


[quote=“Funtimes, post:327, topic:2093”]
what long thread. over 300 posts now. yes, i guess it’s boring that’s why its so long. :heart_eyes:
[/quote]I know. That’s why I wrote that I :heart: him for this thread. The amateur shrink in me finds the whole kevin phenomenon interesting. If people don’t like it why don’t they unfollow? I’m thinking about it myself. It’s getting tedious.


I think polarizing opinions thrown at each other causes a tit-for-tat action-reaction loop. Palestine/Israel, Trump/anti-Trump, Hiroshima/Kansai okonomiyaki, etc.

Especially in this time where responding is almost effortless - all one needs is an electronic device that is able to communicate, minimal time and an urge to not let go - the cost of tossing verbal mud pies at each other is so low.

Mud Pie in Los Angeles

[quote=“Funtimes, post:334, topic:2093”]
you’re correct @Midlife
[/quote] I don’t think he is at all. @kevin no longer posts on FTC. So how is he offending midlife? This is a thread about missing kevin. Okay, share your opinions. But know when to get back in your own lane.


Good point. I’m going to go edit and post some chicken pictures.


“Accidental Courtesy” is a documentary currently on Netflix. Intriguing, outwardly controversial and inspiring. If Daryl Davis can achieve what he has, (considering who he is and whose minds and souls he changed), just about every other conflict and disagreement seems resolvable.


@robert, how does one “unfollow” a thread. TIA


Change your Tracking to Muted.


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