Where's kevin


Intrigued… I’m going to check it out.


@TheCookie I don’t know where I said he OFFENDS me NOW. I found him annoying when he posted here but, as you say, he’s no longer here so I’m not annoyed any more. What I do find annoying is people demeaning others who respond to posts that bring up the subject of his behavior while he was here. I don’t think I posted anything about him directly after he left because I don’t think it’s worth the effort as I know he didn’t/doesn’t care. What I do post about is my thought on what I find interesting about the continuing polarization his memory brings out. To me this long topic, mostly the parts that pay homage to him, is a sad commentary on what passes for acceptable behavior.

I suppose it’s possible that honoring and defending his f-bombs is just fun or tongue-in-cheek. If it’s serious I find it lacking in many ways. Please understand… for me it’s not so much the word itself but the finger at nose-fingers wagging in your face quality of the behavior that I found lacking. My farts at dinner description sums up my take on it.


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What I do find annoying is people demeaning others who respond to posts
[/quote]You mean like this?


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“Accidental Courtesy” [/quote]I see why you recommended it for this thread. I watched it tonight and will probably watch it again tomorrow. And this is not necessarily why I loved it, but there were some unexpected parallels in Daryl’s upbringing and mine. This is why I call you the oracle.


I suppose it’s possible to interpret anything in any way you wish. If it works for you… carry on.


Glad you you enjoyed it. The documentary truly covers a social topic that’s older than the Bible, and has never been more pertinent than now. It really should be high on everyone’s list. It gave me a different perspective on this issue. More importantly, it’s given me something to strive for - I’ll try.


Very true. He’s an ordinary man doing a pretty extraordinary thing, and not for the sake of controversy or entertainment.

We recently hosted a small, informal meet-and-greet at our house for a congresswoman. She was addressing folks’ fears and giving info. on how to get active and involved. She said, you first have to take care of yourself (rejuvenate); take a break from stuff that is causing fear and fatigue… like 24hr CNN :smile:.

It really does give you something to strive for. I’ll try too.

Oh and on a food note: We served finger sandwiches, fruit and cookies :relaxed:.





when you cook at home, the odds are higher that you have a refrigerator full of food that you like available to you every minute that you are at home.
with this, there is the accompanying issue of not wanting to risk wasting said food (the children in china are starving!)


I guess it depends on what you keep in the house. I don’t worry about gaining weight, but I notice in restaurants the salads, vegetables, everything, tend to be loaded with salt, animal fats and oils, and sugar. And portions are larger than what I would eat at home.


Interesting. I certainly find portions too large. But as to salt, sugar, etc., I don’t find that to be an issue. And I don’t live in a dining mecca.


It’s just me, I’m sure. I find restaurant food heavy for the most part. Except Japanese food.


It IS heavy. Today we shared an 8oz burger with (fantastic) fries. I looked at the photo but it’s too blurry. It came with really decent lettuce, tomato and red onion and pickle slices. About a third of the way through my HALF burger, I removed the bun and ate the rest with a knife and fork. Granted, we’re ‘senior citizens’ and eating a lot less at mealtime. At home we grind our own meat and package it in 4oz burgers. With bread (we use English muffins) it’s still really too much. Now I DO have a photo of one of those.


I’ll have to watch that movie.


Yep… Restaurant food has a lot of hidden fat, sugar & salt, even the supposed “lite” food. Chefs will admit they’re not much interested in your diet. They’re only interest is making it taste good. Let’s not even talk about germs. Cooking and eating at home is healthier all-around. I’m just not into it right now. I’m hoping growing up in a predominantly vegetarian household counterbalances all the crazy stuff I’m eating now.


I live in a “magic house” and that follows me to restaurants :slight_smile: Actually I’ve had a food-borne illness ONCE. And that was in Rio…wait, don’t jump to a conclusion…from an American peanut butter that was recalled due to salmonella!

We’re going to one of our favorite restaurants tomorrow and hopefully the owner is there so I can talk to him about fat and salt and etc.


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I live in a “magic house” and that follows me to restaurants
[/quote]That is hilarious! :relaxed:

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hopefully the owner is there so I can talk to him about fat and salt and etc.
[/quote]Report back to us about how much he squirms.


He’s MAJOR into local sourcing and the like so I’m not anticipating much squirming :slight_smile: But he’s so darn cute I’ll keep an eye on him. LOL.