Where's kevin


Nice again. Will you be ordering the Meatless Monday? :wink: If you get gnocchi put it on the dotm dumpling thread. No pressure or anything :slight_smile:.


Tuesday is the “non-committal wine dinner” which just means you don’t have to commit in advance. We’ve not done it before. Y’all consider gnocchi dumplings??? Now THAT’S interesting :slight_smile:


Oops, you did write tomorrow.


Yes, I think someone brought it up and it was agreed.


That is seriously funny. So anything one can put sauce on is considered a dumpling? How about linguine? Just kidding.


We gotta’ try to mix it up a bit. L.A. has a lot of great Asian dumplings, but pierogis and such are pretty elusive. And chicken & dumplings? Forget about it.


I grew up in Atlanta and Mother never fixed chicken and dumplings so yuck. But it IS kinda like gnocchi. I do feel like a dumpling should have a ‘filling.’ Silly me.


I grew up on the east coast, but my southern-esque :relaxed: mom made chicken & dumplings all the time. That was before the vegetarian period. I didn’t even know there was any other kind until we moved to L.A. Maybe if we had lived in N.Y. but… Not a lot of Asian dumplings on Cape Cod. I :heart: L.A.


Oh, gawd, I NEVER had a “dumpling” until I moved to SF in '76. And then I stumbled into a dim sum place and the manager, I’m guessing, helped me with choices. I went back to work and told my boss about this amazing meal I had. He was more than a little bit of a prick so was quite ho-hum about it. And 40 years later I am even more so of a fan. So off-topic but what isn’t on this thread? :slight_smile:


It’s kinda’ hard to get in trouble by the topic police for going off-topic on a thread about a guy who doesn’t post anymore.


Yes, i wonder what that guy thinks of this “fucking” thread.


Hopefully nothing.


Hmm… why nothing ?


That’s true.


I’d be curious too,

Hey if you leave here, maybe we’ll have a thread about you too.


Just that hopefully he has better things to do.


Some might miss me and some will express their dislike of me :grin:. But nobody will get kevin level attention… no matter how much it irritates catholiver. Just kiddin’ cath :kissing_heart:.


I would start a post and have your avatar on a milk carton cookie!

I miss that freaking tool Kevin SO much!!
I found his overuse of the F bomb, eloquent and witty…

IMHO, the guy should be working with the likes of the Coen brothers, Apatow and other comedic geniuses!


Im sure you’d get gut lots of attention too, who does not like cookies ?

Did you watch Cookie’s Fortune


Yeah, he definitely should be write up those comedies.

Has anyone ever written a foul mouthed food movie ?

But he looks like he dropped “fucking” expletives even more than those guys.