Where's kevin


What is that emoji ?


I thought of this yesterday when we went out for breakfast. There were two not old (like I) but not young either women sitting behind me. One of them was effing this and effing that. I wasn’t offended but was tempted to turn around and suggest that she beef up her vocabulary. As with writing it just loses any impact. Since there were no children around I didn’t suggest that she “shut the fuck up.”


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I would start a post and have your avatar on a milk carton cookie!
[/quote]Awww :blush:!


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who does not like cookies ?
[/quote]That’s funny. My 6 yr old godson adores me. I told my cousin, his mother, one of the best things she could have done was to name me Cookie. I mean, what little kid doesn’t like a cookie?

I haven’t seen Cookie’s Fortune yet :frowning2:, but I will.


If they are chocolate chip or double chocolate even the more.

Cookie’s are delicious.


After a few weekends in Palm Springs I’ll be closer to double :smile:.


why the closer to double ? come again.


Sun tanning


Cute. :slight_smile:


I can spend weeks in Rio and not even have a 'flip-flop tan." SPF 55.


Yep cath. I’m kinda’ kidding. The SPFers have finally gotten in my head.


Oh good. Not only is it unhealthy it makes one look so old. I already AM old so I don’t need any help. Haven’t sunned in probably 40 years.



When is the last time you got thru the day without a rationalization, google… or an expletive?


Tongue out and I like to add a little tongue noise while it’s doing its thang. .


I LOVE being out in the sun in a big ass resort pool, with a :cocktail: and getting dark…I have olive skin and with my blonde hair, so the dark tan, NOT like Tan Mom…love her on Howard Stern tho’. . .:tongue:


We got some cute ones on this board, olive skin, blonde hair, natural tan…

I thought this was a food website.


And you don’t care about cancer? You must still be pretty young. I had some basil cell carcinomas removed a few years ago. I told the doc that I hadn’t sunned in over 40 years. He said those cancers came from that long ago.


Yummy .:sunglasses:


Yep, I’m olive too… and sometimes blonde :grin:. When you have a little melanin your skin can handle it better. But yes @catholiver, I’m starting to use more SPF.