Where's kevin


The sun is good for you…
It has major healing properties.
I don’t believe in SPF either.
I am not that young and my olive skin has more melanin than most and my skin is extremely soft and not leathery at all.
I am blessed…

Now, where the hell is Kevin at?


Sunbathing his Sephardic Ass.


See #3

https://www.cancersa.org.au/information/a-z-index/10-myths-about-sun-protection#People with olive skin are not at risk of skin cancer


Incredibly yummy. :slight_smile:


Yeah baby!


Where’s @Bookwich?


I post her up on HO . She has a nice home cooking DOTM thread started .


Oh cool. She’s getting to be a serious home cook.


Hes Sephardic ?


Ho ?


Is Bookwich girl or boy ?


Phar as I can tell. But I never asked to see if he is circumcised.


Is it still fun times when the jig is up?


Blood alcohol level swings the pendulum.


Hungry Onion


FYI, he posted a link to his most recent of review of psy burger on his FB page. i’ll make you look for it if you want to read it. and psy burger is closed until the 19th if you were thinking of trying it.


Here is an avatar for you. Xoxo


Awww… sweet!!! I’m gonna’ try and figure out how to make it my avatar. :kissing_heart:


I can eat cookies for days on end. :kissing_heart: