Which regional pizza is your favorite?



What the heck alien thing is growing out of the California pizza?




Of course! Yes, in California we like our pizza a la flambé. :dancer:t2::fire::pizza::sunglasses:


or fried wonton skins.


The love child of Guy Fieri’s hair and Mario Batali.


Mario Batali or his hair?


Only Guy and Mario know.




Did you make that? How did you get those perfect angles?



Thanks. This is something I knew nothing about. And discussions like this about the dough just loses me. Not that I can’t understand it; I just don’t want to. But maybe wienermobile will invite me over some time. :smile:


You don’t need to read the discussion if you’re not interested, you can just follow the recipe.

I just ordered that pan.


I wish!!!


I’ve always described myself as “dough phobic.” They get to talking about ‘hydration’ and %s of this and that. But that recipe sounds doable. Thanks, kiddo.


That’s standard style for Serious Eats. They have a long piece where they explain how they figured out what worked best, but you can skip that and go straight to the recipe.


Oh I know and I love that. It’s just D.O.U.G.H. that freaks me out :slight_smile: