Whimsical animal shaped steam buns


Does anyone know where I can find dim sum size paste filled steamed buns in whimsical animal shapes of chicks, piggies or pandas? Preferably in the east bay.


Per one report on Yelp, Grand Harbor in Burlingame.


Thanks. That’s closer than West Covina in SoCal.


iCafe makes reptiles and sea creatures with puff pastry dough.


Sounds like a possibility. Thanks so much.


Panda dumpling in San Carlos has red bean hedgehog buns. I can’t recall eating them https://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/uMu3grYWk3ERsw8fXlFGvw?select=yGx8w64zkHDQcnJ-SnaIzA&utm_source=ishare&utm_content=photo