Whole Foods + Prime


I scored an entire plate of short ribs from WF using my Prime discount. The organic and humanly-raised beef short ribs was on sale for $5.99 per lb. If I’m lucky, my local Spouts has just their regular short ribs on sale for that price. Going to try smoking these suckers a la APL this week.
Air-chilled organic whole chickens were on sale for $1.79 per lb., too.



i got some wild 10/20 ct scallops this week for 12.99/lb, regular 22.99/lb.



Whenever these go on sale for $5.99 I load up and freeze them. They had the whole plate uncut in the back? I’m going to to tonight and see if I can get me one of these.



@js76wisco The plate was cut in half and vacuumed sealed.

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thanks for the heads up - guess I gotta start using the app.

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This article is not really indicative since they are buying a fixed basket of goods.

I am a prime subscriber and have found if you strategically buy things when on sale you can actually save a good amount of money. Each week there are always a few good proteins on sale. I stock up and freeze at least 1-2 servings. This week it was pork ribs and short ribs. We buy whatever fruits and veggies are on sale. I think the fruit and veggies are much better quality than what we get at Trader Joe’s, Sprouts, Costco or Albertson. We end up paying a very similar price when you only buy sale items + extra 10% off.



Final product

I’m probably going to make this more often if I can find the short ribs for sale…I may go back tomorrow to get a couple more plates.
FYI - The Prime deals end on Tuesdays, so April 9th is the last day for this deal.



How did you smoke them (time/temp)? I’ve had great luck with them, too. Usually 5-6 hours at 225-250.



APL’s recipe has it smoking at 250 for 5 hours, then wrapped in foil at 275 with a sauce for 45 minutes, and then unwrapped back at 250 for another 45 minutes. Rest wrapped and covered for 30 minutes.
The wrapping and unwrapping bit was extra work that I wish I could have skipped, but it was really necessary since the first 5 hours (and the wrapped 45 minutes) hadn’t cooked it enough for the ribs to protrude so cleanly.



Sumo mandarins at $2.49 / pound with Amazon Prime. Definitely the lowest price I’ve ever seen for them.



I wrap my baby backs in butcher paper for the 4th of about 5 hours of cooking. I think it’s worth the extra effort.

I will definitely be trying this. the only challenge is that everyone else in the house prefers pork ribs.



They were so good on their own, but the family enjoyed the lettuce wraps with the drippings/board sauce, rice, and Costco Asian slaw. I added cilantro to the drippings/board sauce and sesame oil instead of butter to the wrapping sauce.
The oldest chowpup enjoyed gnawing the bones.



How terrific is this thread? Thanks to @attran99, I picked up some short ribs, which I will prepare a la Mozza. I also picked up scallops (thanks @PorkyBelly), which I’m not sure what I will do with.

Finally, I picked up a pound of Mary’s chicken livers so I can begin trying to recreate Sotto’s liver ragu for @TheCookie. This one may take a while, be patient. :slight_smile:



I went back to get another plate of short ribs and they had cut them all. No vacuumed sealed whole plates left :sob:
But I picked up some more chickens that I’m going to brine and smoke this weekend.



I just went to the El Segundo branch and they had a lot of vacuum sealed plates. I picked up 2 four pound plates that I’m smoking for Easter.



Lucky! Huntington Beach and Long Beach had cut the last of what they had left in stock. I had Brea check for me.



Yes, my shortribs were cut, but it’s okay because I am braising.

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Not WF, but Beef Palace in HB has always had them frozen when I’ve gone it. It may be worth a call to them if you’re really craving them. They are not cheap, but they’re worth it when I’m craving them.

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I can source them from The Butchery and my butcher at Stater Bros. or Costco. I just need to give them a little notice. Was hoping to take advantage of the sale price for our Easter meal.

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No dice on plate short ribs @ WF Burbank. Also sold out of scallops