Who's got the best Italian sub?


I have to have the pepperoncinis. Bite the tip off over the sub so the juice drips onto the fillings, then stuff the peppers into the sub.


I’m gonna have to second Jersey Mike’s, although I’m guessing it’s a nostalgia thing as I grew up going to their original NJ location. Not the highest quality ingredients but the end result captures a flavor and texture that is really, really hard to find outside of a very specific part of the Northeast.


Has anyone ever been to Eastside Market Italian Deli?

Wanted to try but never had a chance.



I haven’t gone in years but it was good when I went.


This looks GOOD, but the bread looks hard. I don’t like that super hard bread like the God Mother has. I let my sandwich sit all day to soften the bread when I get the God Mother. I know. I’m crazy. is the bread hard?


As someone who grew up around these sorts of delis, I find that Eastside scratches the itch but isn’t especially memorable. The bread is pretty weak and the hot sandwiches - like meatball parmesan - are super messy.


Your parents and mine seem to have been on similar migratory paths… Jersey, Martha’s Vineyard… Anywhere else?


Depends what you mean by hard. The bread is definitely on the crispy and crunchy side, not soft and mushy like a hamburger bun.

Maybe what you’re looking for is a muffuletta?


I won’t kick it out of bed.


Is there a great muffuletta in LA? Please don’t say Little Jewel (which I generally like except for the…)


Orleans and York has a muffaletta that’s tasty but not particularly authentic.

On that note, for those seeking a Jersey style sub, Orleans and York does a pretty solid approximation. Better quality meats and bread than Jersey Mike’s.


Good point. The Po Boys get all the press at O&Y, but the heros are very solid as well and kind of fly under the radar.


As others have mentioned I think the ones at Orleans & York are quite good and certainly better than Gumbo Pot.


I think I found your soft rolled Italian sub.

Try Mendocino Farms.


oh! good idea.


Well spotted. I forgot the Italian “Love” sandwich at Mendocino Farms. It is delicious, albeit not quite as large as the BC Godmother or All About The Bread Godfather. (Not a big concern for me as the latter usually last me a couple of meals.) I often forget about the fairly traditional Italian sandwich at Mendocino Farms because so many of their other sandwiches are so good. (Peruvian Steak, Not So Fried Chicken, The Banh Mi…)


Guiliano’s torpedo in Gardena has soft bread. It may be nostalgia for me though since my gramps used to feed those to us at Del Mar Racetrack. He used to put Lay’s potato chips inside too, which I find to make the sandwich exponentially better.


Another soft roll sub suggestion: A Cut Above Butcher’s Shop in Santa Monica.


They do a terrible Italian sandwich. The sausage and meatball is good and the chicken parm is passable. They use this rubbery bread that only comes alive soaked in marinara.

It’s a great testament to the urban fallacy that cops always know the good places to eat.


I used to get a really good italian sandwich at Domingo’s in Encino. Ventura nearish to White Oak.

Haven’t been in years and if grandpa let one of his neer-do-well grandkids do the sandwich-making then all bets were off.