Who's got the best Italian sub?


Forgot about San Carlo Deli in Chatsworth since I rarely get out that way these days. A hidden gem that reminds me very much of the delis we frequented in NY and NJ when I was growing up. Fantastic selection of imported products like pastas, cheeses and olives along with house made stuff like pasta sauces, breads, cookies, pizzas and prepared meals.

Their Italian sub is very good - perhaps the best I’ve had in LA. The kicker is that you have two choices of bread, both of which are baked in house - soft or crispy.



That’s a great looking sandwich, per the Yelp photos.


If you’re in OC gotta second attran99 on Claro’s. The wait is always pretty long around lunch time, but that gives me time to stock up on all the goodies they carry. Totally different animal from the chain subs.


Went to San Carlo today. Maybe I should’ve gotten the crusty bread? the sandwich was fine, tasty enough, but missing several elements that it needed to take it to the next level. Given the option, I’d rather have an Italian from Jersey Mike’s, which I find more flavorful with a crusty enough bread. Neat shop though, will probably be back for some red sauce stuff.


At Eastside Market Deli I barely see anyone ordering or eating a cold sub. Their strength is the hot soaked pastrami and roast beef, coupled perhaps with their meatballs or sausage.


Gjusta and Wax Paper Co. should both be part of this discussion.


I just got home from there. Got the Eggplant Parm dinner and stuffed peppers. Love San Carlo.

I have yet to have a sandwich there.

But I can tell you my favorite italian sandwich spot is Italia Deli in Agoura.

You can choose soft or hard roll. The hard roll is nice and crusty with just the right amount of chew. I get the soft with meatball, sausage, etc.



Wow those Yelp pictures look amazing.

What other hot items are good at San Carlo? I read on Yelp there are occasional specials, didn’t see any today. Did walk out with some panzerottis though.


I have not had anything at San Carlo other than the eggplant and peppers. The eggplant is really good. They slice them thin and do like 5 layers.

Back to subs, I’m wondering if you have ever tried DeFrankos on Woodley? I have never been, but I’ve driven by at lunch and it seems busy.



The Italian sub at Wax Paper (aka the “Larry Mantle”) is quite good. Housemade pickled veggies (onions and peppers) offset the rich herbed bologna perfectly. The sesame roll, while not traditional, works with all the other fixins.


That bologna is amazing.


Second that. In fact, all the sandwiches there are stellar.


where is this place? I looked it up online but… What are major cross streets?


Their pizzas are pretty good. So is the lasagna and sausage and peppers (both sandwich style and in a tray). I like their giardinera, and the tiramisu is so good.


I work right by DeFrankos and have been eating there for years. Their prices have gone up quite a bit over the last 2-3 years. The waits can be bad, so it’s easiest to call your order in and pick it up. Bear in mind that the place is the size of a children’s tree house, so you are either squashed in there with 5 other people, or waiting outside for your turn to get in and be squashed with 5 other people.


But it is good?


I wouldn’t eat at a place for years if it wasn’t good. :wink:


Happened to be (somewhat) in the area and stopped by it’s off of the 5 freeway on the eastside of Dodger stadium off of Main St. in Frogtown. No major crossstreets its in a residential area.

The Larry Mantle was very good. The roll was good but not great, everything else was just as @ipsedixit said.




What do you get there? Are they known for a particular sandwich?