Who's got the best Italian sub?




They only have a handful of options. I don’t think they are known for a particular sandwich, but their “thing” is that the garnishes are chopped. So they add a scoop of chopped tomato, a scoop of chopped onion, and a scoop of chopped pickles. They sprinkle the whole thing with (italian?) seasoning too.

I usually get the ham and cheese or the hot sausage and peppers (cheese is extra). The Italian cold cut is good too. My boss gets the tuna every time.


Just like Giamelas, which I used to love for subs.

Thank you for the report!!


Pasta Sisters. Stop playin


do they do sandwiches too? I’ve got to get over there one of these days


best mortadella i’ve had in LA for a while.




As someone who is still trying to floss the sesame seeds out of my teeth from Cochon Butcher’s Muffuletta (scarfed down on my return flight yesterday), I can easily say “no.” Orleans and Yorks is not a Muffeletta at all. It is an OK Italian Sandwich with an olive spread, If you want to call that a Muffuletta why not call an order of Spare Ribs from Maple Block a Whole Hog dinner?


Lol! I went to Little jewel and had a Muffuletta among other things. Have to say get it toasted and it’s much better. Not great but certainly good. They have these jambalaya balls that are breaded and fried tomato-y and filled with sausage damn good.


Best. Muffuletta. Ever.


I feel like I need more research . . . maybe I should just have another . . . for science.


Pasta Sisters


do they only have mortadella by the lb? or do they make sandwiches in addition to pasta?


They do, Just went to check it out today, looks like the mortadella was 14$ a lb… And a bad picture of the sandwiches.


Did you get a sandwich? I’m wondering about the quality of the prosciutto and the bread. Price for the sandwiches seems pretty reasonable.


No I got the papardelle with pesto and a side of grilled veg. I thought for my first time I aught to get a pasta. It did come with a small side of bread (ciabatta maybe), which tasted which reminded me of how bread tastes in Italy (low salt, nice light texture). I was surprised how many people were there on a Thursday at 2 pm!


Never been to New Orleans but I did have the muffaletta at Little Jewel I thought it was a salt bomb. Like up there with Petit Trois frites.


Muffelettas are kind of salty - all that cured pork and olive spread


I think you mentioned you are in Chatsworth or CP. have you tried Cavaretta’s on Sherman Way just west of Topanga?

I do not like it as much as Italia Deli, but if I recall it was a more sub-like sandwich.


those do look good. but jersey mike’s and San Carlo are around the corner, so there’s that…haha

Bookmarked, I’ll check it out when I’m in the area.