Who's got the best Italian sub?


Sure is. I ate about $20 worth of Larry Mantles on Saturday.


The Gjusta Italian sub is fantastic. It’s also a good order on the weekends since it comes out of the kitchen very quickly.


good to know
hard to even imagine something coming out of that kitchen quickly on a weekend


Arrived Saturday around noon. Took about 30 minutes from the time I picked a number to ordering at the counter. Sandwich took about 10 minutes to come out.

Going alone on the weekends has its benefits bc there are a few 1 person tables outside and counter seating is easier to find. Terrible coming by yourself bc it severely limits the amount of food you’re able to order.


That’s not even 2 sandwiches. Are you on a diet or something?


Gjusta Italian Sub


When I was working in Culver City . I enjoyed the Italian sub at Sorrentos market . The pinched lady behind the meat cases would put some of their spread on the bread and make the sandwich . I think I payed like 2.25 for a half sandwich or less it was good . It was my lunch go to . Maybe not the best . But the best for a quick sub nearby .


Jersey Mike’s #13 holding it down. $8.25 well spent.


Had Wax Paper today. It was delicicous!


The Italian sub/sandwich at Prime Pizza is fantastic.


Had Mike’s deli off slauson and fairfax. Really enjoyed it. Not as good as Larry mantle, but better than jersey mikes. http://www.mikesdelionline.com/


San Carlo Italian. I mean it’s still not the best, but this thing was only $7 today and it was ready in 5 minutes.


Went back to Mike’s Deli on slauson & fairfax. It’s pretty good. Nothing great. But satisfies. Boars Head meat. $9


The Italian “Grinder” served at Gwen’s (lunch only) is legit.


I’m just praying someone in here can direct me to a place that has actual imported cold cuts. I find Boars’s head completely garbage and at a high price. In highschool i used to actually work at an italian deli ran by old italians since the 50s in boston and know a thing or two. LA is really tough for imported italian meats.


I know they have some at Italia Deli & Bakery in Augora Hills. Not sure how deep their selection is though…


Complete garbage seems like an overstatement to me. Boar’s Head is sort of the Stella Artois of cold cuts. Not horrible but more a triumph of marketing than true quality.

Wally’s Cheese Box in Westwood has a pretty decent selection of imported meats. I’m guessing Eataly will too, when it finally opens. But don’t sleep on domestic cold cuts. For example, if you find yourself up in SF, Molinari makes great dried salami.


It is not a sandwich shop but Guidi Marcello in Santa Monica has an impressive selection of imported (and domestic) Italian charouterie


It’s hyperbole but to me a justified hyperbole because they try to make 50 or whatever products, at mass scale, and load it up with salt to the point of grossness…


Most good Italian delis should have some imported or better salami, imported proscuitto, imported mortadella with pistacchios, sopressata and ham. Thats all you need for a good sandwich.

I know Cortina’s in Anaheim has all of these things although I do not mind the Boar’s Head ham. The bread there is fantastic. They have an old Italian guy from Astoria Queens who comes in the early morning to bake the bread.