Who's got the best Italian sub?


I don’t know where it came from and it certainly wasn’t cheap but I got a quarter pound or so of pre-sliced mortadella from them that was a revelation.


It’s definitely mass produced and way too high in sodium. I just don’t think it’s horrible. In fact, I like their pickles and think the natural casing franks are some of the best around.

Have you tried some of the local butchers like A Cut Above in Santa Monica? Also, I’m not sure if Gjusta sells their cold cuts by the pound, but the Italian sandwich there is off the hook.




It’s not like they are running out of anything.
Or, like me, perhaps are you more than a little concerned that - if word got out - it would be harder to gobble up all the free bread, cheese, oil, and balsamic samples? :fearful:


True. My supply of Italian cheeses is probably safe. Probably . . .
I definitely appreciate those gratis loaves of bread they sometimes hand out, too!


Okay, NOW you’ve got my attention!

WTF??? This place sounds like heaven…


Okay. Secret is fully out, I suppose.
Cash for <$50.
Olive oil, dried pasta, and cheeses are the main reason to come, but the people are why you return. So friendly and they are a wealth of info once you get them talking.
Must approach from the east travelling on Olympic.


Do you mean Granada Hills, or did they open up a second location?



Yah definitely agree. :slight_smile: FYI, Gjusta is now making all of their cuts for the Italian Sandwich in-house (of course they are! LOL. They’ve been mastering so much stuff these days, it’s crazy).


So this is totally different than the Italia deli in Granada Hills? It’s odd that they have the same name, and are relatively close to each other.

Edit: One is Italia Deli & Bakery, and the other is Italia Bakery & Deli. So weird…


this place looks like a carbon copy of San Carlo.


Italia’s been around for years. We used to go there for sandwiches and catering before we moved closer to San Carlo.


One of our more socially active Alfa Romeo club members lives out in Chatsworth, and the yard-long sandwich from San Carlo is on the table whenever he and his wife throw a party, or even just an after-event pool gathering. He also shows up at event picnics, especially the annual Best of France & Italy in Woodley Park, with a large assortment of salads, cheeses and cold cuts from there. I have to say that of all the lavishly salad-dressed soft-roll Italian subs I’ve had, theirs are my all-time favorites … though Claro’s are more than okay, and a lot easier to get to from Pasadena!


The Grinder at Scout is very very good.


Large Prosciutto & Fresh Mozzarella sandwich on crispy roll, but wait for a hot afternoon and eat it outside. San Carlo is real.


Any good grinder or Italian subs in the San Gabriel Vallley?


Slim pickings.

Either Santa Fe Importers (in Irwindale) or one of the many Claro’s locations.


If you ever find yourself near Montebello, Tony’s makes a pretty great Italian sub.



What’s good at Dan’s super subs?