Who's got the best Italian sub?


I like their Endless Summer (3 kinds of Turkey, Swiss, Avocado. Bell Peppers, Olives and more) and My Cousin Elvis (BBQ Brisket, Cheese, Caramelized onions and more). I have actually never have had a bad sub at Dan’s…http://www.danssupersubs.com


The only thing about Dan’s I don’t care for is the Italian dressing they put on stuff.

I like their tuna, but I request it with chopped pickles and tomatoes instead of the pickle spear.

Agree the My Cousin Elvis is quite good.


Agree about the dressing and I do wish the bread was a bit better. But I do enjoy their subs.


Then do the StepMother at Cosa Buona.

Seriously good Italian Sub.


If you’re in DTLA, a very serviceable Italian sub can be found at Mel’s Deli.


Connal’s in Pasadena. They’ve got them but been too long for me to say if they’re good.


Run to Uncle Paulie’s


Oh damn that looks good.


How the hell did I miss them opening up a real old-school deli with imported meats and fresh mozzarella cheese daily right by us !!!


how much?


How was the bread??? The filling looks delicious.


There’s a small thread with links and menu here:


Ah, I thought it seemed familiar. Thanks for reminding us. :slight_smile:


I just saw this for this first time so please excuse me if I don’t read all 150 posts but could you tell me what constitutes an “Italian sub”?


Italian deli meats between bread with condiments, usually including lettuce and tomato


Thank, N. So this:

Is cheese allowed?


Yes. Provolone.


And only provolone? This is strict shit :smile:


Cheese is a must, IMHO. And, yes, provolone.

I don’t think I’ve ever gotten an Italian sub w/ prosciutto or panchetta…


I’ve had a few with proscuittto.