Who's got the best Italian sub?


I think the Godmother at Bay Cities includes proscuitto.


No porchetta. Has to be cold cuts.
No mayo ever.


Many Italian American subs will have mayo + mustard in my experience (eg San Carlo in Chatsworth, Monte Carlo in Burbank, a few others that I’ve been to).

Jersey Mike’s is a just olive oil/vinegar by default, but add mayo makes the Italian so much bettter.

San Carlo:

Jersey Mikes - Mike’s way add mayo

Wax Paper

Hymart’s batardized Italian with pastrami and crack sauce

Best of Europe

Either prime pizza or some joint in Pasadena:


A small amount of mayo is fine, IMO, as long as there’s a lot of acidity to counteract.

Not at Bay Cities much but will have to check next time I’m there. I feel like prosciutto is so delicate that it’d get lost among the other cold cuts. I think it can also be a bit stringy and gristly (which would totally destroy the textural nirvana of a good Italian sub).


It does get lost in the Godmother.


Nice pics.
I cannot do mayo with cold cuts. Probably just the way we grew up eating Italian heroes in Queens.


What do they use in New Jersey?

I’ve always liked the dressing made with oil, red vinegar and dried oregano.


Last time I was at Bay Cities I ordered a Poor Boy (bologna and salami) instead and it’s basically the same sandwich.


Nice thanks.

Got to say I’m fairly unhappy with the fresh mozza. Got the day old one since I wanted a bit dryer for pizza and I think it was super low fat, almost translucent and very flavorless. Bitterness showing after just a day, unless it was older.


Italian sub doesn’t just mean a sub with any Italian things in it like others said. It’s an east coast thing and I’ve made thousands when a teenager. It is customizable but generally has mortadella, capicola, salami and provolone. Veg and dressing


What do you think of Jersey Mike’s? I see they’ve opened in Reno.


It’s the closest thing I’ve gotten to an NJ style Italian sub outside of NJ, so legit in my book.


Good enough for me! Thanks.


Part of the confusion here is that East and West Coast Italian delis tend to do things a bit differently.

Generally speaking, Italian delis on the West Coast tend to be more liberal about what condiments come standard on a sandwich. Mayo and mustard (sometimes even Dijon) are common out here, whereas you usually have to ask for them on the East Coast (and sometimes get shit for asking).

The bread is usually different on the West Coast too. It’s often a roll or baguette, whereas it’s usually Italian bread back East. While I enjoy the sandwiches at Bay Cities, that bread is like what you get at a supermarket back East, not an Italian deli.

BTW, if you’re ever in NYC, I recommend a stop at Alidoro, which does an old school Italian sandwich unlike what you get at sub shops on either coast. High-quality meats and cheeses, and the only veggies are preserved. No mayo or mustard allowed.


WOW! Now THAT looks like a sandwich. And, yes, to the bread.


For what it is, I think it’s totally decent. Not something I would drive out of the way for, though.


My vote is against Jersey Mike’s. Chain averageness.


When the question is “who has a more legit NJ style italian sub outside of NJ than Jersey Mike’s?”, the answer is no one.

Also, what are we comparing Jersey Mike’s against? Against the other sandwich chains, they are clearly far superior.


In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

Out of the sandwich chains my favorite was Capriottis.


Is that a chain LA? I only see a Las Vegas address under contact on their website…

Edit: never mind, I see the Culver City location. Might try it this weekend. :slight_smile: