Wonderful Italian Gelato & Pastas - Bulgarini Gelato [Pics + Words]


This is why Leo has basically ruined me for pasta at just about every other place in LA (except for maybe Cento)


Makes sense. And when you get to end with that gelato? Come on.


Thanks for this. So just to be clear, if I want to go get pasta there with someone, I should call ahead and ask if they’re serving it that night? How far ahead to call? I really want to do it, but Altadena is such a trek for me that I need it to work out (otherwise my SO will murder me).


To be safe, plan a couple of days in advance. Its possible to do same day, but if Leo isn’t at the shop then there won’t be anyone there to set it up.
Also, let him know the scope of what you want to do. Focaccia? Cannoli? Tiramisu? If you talk to him a bit and let him set up a bit then you’ll be even happier.


Hi @Haeldaur,

We’ve called before heading out. That’s more than enough time, at least every time we’ve gone.

If it’s for the Pasta + Meat Entree Dinner, that does require a few days ahead call (usually Leo does them on Friday, Saturday, sometimes Sunday). But will prepare something on any day of the week IIRC, if you all ahead a few days and arrange it.

The last time we had just Pasta (delicious as usual), we called before driving out, so maybe a couple hours ahead of time to confirm Leo was there and had Pastas / Sauces in stock.

Edit: Just re-read your post. If you want to plan a dinner (even if it’s just their awesome Handmade Pastas), yah what frommtron said is better: Call a few days ahead of time to make sure Leo will be there and let him know which Pastas / Sauces you want, and definitely get their Handmade Focaccia Bread (let him know).

You can probably try just Pasta and Gelato on your first trip. :slight_smile:


If I’m getting a pint to go (or more than a pint) do they give out those cold bags or should I bring a cooler? Thanks!


Bring a cooler. Dry ice preferable if you have a long-ish drive…
Pistachio gelato costs just a bit more than the other gelatos there. FYI.


This would be overkill for a pint or two of gelato but we LOVE it.



As we were preparing to head over, we realized our cooler was at my parent’s house. Anyway, the gelato survived a 25 minute drive home. I kept the air conditioning in the car to 58 though!

My goodness it is amazing. Did a half kilo of pistachio and a half kilo of vanilla. Pistachio is $40 a half kilo. Vanilla was like 27.50 or something I think? So that equates to $80 for pistachio for a kilo and $55 for vanilla (and other non-premium flavors.)

Worth it? Not often, but certainly occasionally.


Glad you liked Leo Bulgarini’s amazing Pistachio Gelato. :slight_smile:

Yah for the prices / kilo, we end up just stopping by to enjoy a scoop (or two or three) once in a while, that way it doesn’t seem to hit the pocketbook as much. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


Were you the one who took the last of the vanilla on Saturday? :thinking:


Oh gosh I am certainly guilty of that. :sleepy:


That’s some FTCer-on FTCer crime, right there…