Worst restaurant names of all time


Goldstein’s Mortuary & Delicatessen


“I wanna open a restaurant for bulemics. It’s called the Fork and Bucket.”

  • George Carlin


Oops! Sushi & Sake Bar

On Gateway in west la



I recall that I once long ago actually saw in real life the (Burmese?) restaurant signed as “My Dung”, and didn’t just see it on the interwebs. “Shun Fat”'s still in biz in the SGV, but it’s a market.

All variations on “Thai” puns; “Beau” “Foon” “One On” are terrible.

“Pho” puns are actually better, and I’d always hoped to see a Brit to-go (“take-away”) place where you lined up for the “Pho Queue”.


Defunct delivery service in Berkeley:


We’ve got “2 Die 4 Sushi” in the Valley. “Die” and “sushi” do not belong in the same sentence.




Who doesn’t love there herpes pizza hot and fresh?



Yes. Takee Outee chinese food. Right next to the No Tickee No Washee cleaners.

This is not even close to the only restaurant named some variant of that. There’s one in Chicago, one in Houston and more still.


This can’t be real… can it?


…Or this.


Not only is it an unpleasant word to say, but they don’t even serve prawns.


Least he could have done is gone with “Galaxy of Prawns”.


Where is Nancy Silverton when you need her?


There used to be a sushi restaurant called Miso Fishy.

Firstly why would you use the word ‘fishy’?

Secondly, and more the point, how could this place go out of business with a reference that manages to elide Stanley Kubrick, prostitution AND 2LiveCrew?


well, that particular Kubrick is one in which some abandoned back lot in the UK stands in for Vietnam, poorly. So one’s expectation of authenticity should be, let’s say, somewhat tempered.