Would you pay $160 for this cast iron pan (Smithey Ironware)?


I’ll comment again that if I need nonstick I use a skillet with a cast iron coating. Mine last forever and, no, the coating isn’t dangerous.


I’m happy to hear your enjoying your cast iron skillets. As I said, cast iron does have a place for me.
Most of the claims you make, however, aren’t really supported by my experience or most reasonable tests. It’s just the thing you need for certain preps, but many others call for something that works better. For me, it’s a very romanticized product. And I’m talking about brands like Lodge, which are reasonably priced.

Finex, Smithey, and other recent producers of highly finished cast iron skillets are making the very definition of a veblen good.


I’m glad that a few companies are making modern cast iron that’s machined smooth (Field is a bit cheaper and seems decent). I’ve got a couple of Wagners, and love them (my first CI pan, which broke, was also a no-name vintage piece). I much prefer cooking on the smoother surface, but also, the vintage stuff is much lighter, comparable to a heavy carbon steel pan. For example, my Wagner #10 is ~ 5 lb, roughly the same as a Mineral B skillet, and a good pound or two lighter than the same diameter Lodge.

I absolutely agree that charging $100-200 for a product like this is not something that is reasonable for most people, however at some point, I’d like to have one of these new companies’ products just because I like that they’re doing it. That said, I’d definitely suggest getting vintage, even something no-name / non-collectible, vs. new Lodge.

It’s also a bummer that Lodge had pretty much shut down any other makers of cast iron, so I’m glad that there are some smaller outfits making products, even at high prices.


Well… we did buy a Smithey pan, But I can tell you are now - please do not do it! The pan arrived, and clearly the bottom of the pan was not hand polished. While the edges of the pan were quite smooth and glassy, the center of the pan, about 1/2 of the diameter of the pan, was very rough and appeared to have been incompletely polished by a machine. This was certainly not what we were expecting after paying that kind of money for this pan!

Even worse, when I contacted customer service, Trevor initially claimed they would do what they could to “make this right”, however, In the end he claimed ”we do not consider this skillet outside of our quality control”.

So the pan gets a D rating, however their customer service is a complete F!

Do not spend your money on this pan.


Wow that’s terrible they don’t stand by their product, thanks for the review.


Very sorry to hear that. Thank you for taking one for the team.