WSGV updates


Thanks LAFP. I recalled that I’d also seen it on the menu at a place that was neither Uyghur or Shaanxi. That was it.


apparently beijing pie house is opening a branch in alhambra at third & main. if i pass and can take a pic, i shall.

and i did.

and while i’m at it, i’ll mention that popular asia chain pepper lunch also recently opened on main near garfield ave.


Really surprising how badly their ESGV branch tanked years ago.


belly buster on valley in alhambra is no more; replaced by another branch of tacos ensenada. that should siphon a few customers from baja cali fish taco in terms of where to go for $.99 fish tacos on tuesdays.0209191335

also, the, um, yung ho that burned down has replaced… the square dot(?) just west of atlantic on valley…

i made it to bistro xia’s (which is how i noticed tacos ensenada & yung ho.).

we received a complimentary plate of peanuts. think crackerjack peanuts that have been licked by someone and placed on a plate together.

their entire menu is limited…to one side of one page. in large type. we ordered four items:

  1. house special noodle

  2. pork dumplings

  3. yellow fish potherb soup

  4. shanghai style soup with ham, mushroom & rice

the waitress was quite cute and fairly attentive. we tipped 18% for that.

did i mention that the waitress was cute?



The seaweed yellow fish in a noodle soup? Hmmm I’ll have to try that because seaweed yellow fish is one of my favorite Shanghai dish


i guess i need to have my palate in for an alignment; i wasn’t expecting what i perceived to be that much fishiness in the bowl. to me it distracted from the broth.


farther east on main in alhambra (east of garfield, where there are fewer eating establishments i can recall), jiang nan spring recently opened, offering a mix of shanghai, sichuan, and taiwanese.

also @JThur01 weighed in favorably on you kitchen in a recent eater article with pics of things i don’t recall seeing on the menu. now i have to go back and try them again.


I just read that article as well and am very curious about the place. I usually go to 101 Noodle Express



I don’t know about them having the best dumplings in sgv but the dumplings are pretty good.

For context (edit)…


:grinning: That’s the article she sent me.


one, jim has no control over headlines, and two,best new dumpling spot does not mean the same thing as best dumplings. given that zaza seems to be the only other new dumpling spot in the WSGV (if there are others, i stand corrected), it’s not a particularly high bar set with that proclamation.

having said that, i’d go back if for no other reason than to figure out the sauce they served with the lamb dumplings. it might come out of a jar, but i’ve never tasted anything like it before.


I wrote that headline, and while it was not Jim’s exact suggestion, he did remark to me that he thought it was the best NEW dumpling place in SGV. So that sentiment is something he was ready to make, hence the headline.


it would have been better to suggest that writers seldom if ever have any influence over their headlines in print media and to observe that i’ve read more than a few food articles whose content conflicted with the associated headline, most often with gold’s articles with the times; gold had a way of raving about a culture’s cuisine that made the reader associate the rave with the restaurant in question while a discerning reader was able to make the distinction.


I already have a newer favorite spot for fish dumplings, Ming Men in Temple City, which I like better than You Kitchen. Ming Men recently replaced Best Bun on Temple City Bl. which only lasted from like October to January. I had already eaten two lunches the day I went to Ming Men, so that’s all I could try, but I have to go back to check out the rest of the menu. But talk about juicy fish dumplings, this was it!


What type of fish is in the filling?


i tried best bun before it shuttered. the fact i never mentioned it says more than needs be said.

ming men? sounds like a bad chinese sitcom. but i’ll put them on my list of places to try.


Or opium purveyors.


at $10.99 an order,hopefully, crack.


I told Matt that I thought You Kitchen was the best dumpling spot to have opened in the SGV in quite some time. So, I stand behind his choice of headline. This isn’t a misleading headline, it’s a misreading headline :grinning:

I’ve noticed from comments and social media, that quite a few folks aren’t catching the “new” part. And as always, particularly with something as subjective as food, YMMV.

Then there are the inevitable “That’s not L.A.” comments :roll_eyes: :laughing: