WSGV updates


7 leaves is awesome - that mung bean drink is a 5/7 from me. Cafe Sua Da is terrible though - 40% ice, 30% milk, 20% sugar, 10% coffee.


i’m not a tea/coffee person, any such place would have to have its transponders full out to even make an impression on my radar. i just remember seeing that nasty looking KFC there for what seemed like decades and i noticed it wasn’t there anymore.


You’ve outdone yourself with this one, man.


LOL. i took that pic through a dirty window.


Their mung bean drink is surprisingly good, I just keep forgetting to tell them less sugar :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Either that or your phone just won Tough Mudder.


Best Noodle House has closed. Will it truly be temporary?


I loved the fact that they offered Ma Po Tofu over rice as a singular dish.

They also had a very under appreciated Hainan Chicken Rice.


It’s weird, honestly. I had just been there in the last couple weeks, and there was no word of any of this. Business was booming!

Who knows. Maybe they really are remodeling the dated interior, but I’m not holding my breath.


Anyone know the status of Cinnabar? Yelp still shows them as open, but they looked dead and gone when I drove past earlier tonight.


Here’s some tidbits for @JThur01 to follow-up on in his next Eater LA update

  • Mr. Fish is now open on Main St.
  • The Dive SKC, an import from San Diego (of all places) is now up and running in Temple City Square
  • Pho Hai takes over that forlorn spot on Rosemead/Longden that saw at one time an old school bar karaoke morph to a Peking duck restaurant to now a Vietnamese noodle shop (for a second time).


the word “rebranding” suggests to me that they lost their chef. who knows? i like chong qing so i have a fallback.


Agreed. Well, speaking of Chong Qing, that’s exactly where I went!


I googled Pho Hai and found several Vietnamese restaurants in the greater SGV with the same name. Are they related?




If it’s the same folks from the original Chung King (and indications are it was), then they’ve probably flipped the place. They have a history of doing that (where’s TonyC when you need him?): the original Garfield location of Chung King in MPK, then the SG Chung King, one in Artesia, one in Arcadia (which flipped really quickly!). Somewhere in the original thread, I suggested that folks hurry and go and not get too attached for that very reason.


So, from Pho Mai to Pho Hai. Got it. Odd, because there are other Pho Mai locations, some of which seemed to be related, some of which seemed to be unrelated.


Okay, so what would be the point of doing this? Seems like it would take a lot of capital to get a new place opened only to quickly flip it and lather/rinse/repeat…


Profit? I would guess build up a restaurant until it has name/value, sell that to someone, then repeat.

Both the Chung King in Monterey Park, and the one in San Gabriel continued on under different operators (hence all the downhill posts during those owners, with some not realizing what had happened).


Okay, that makes sense if you’re continuing with a restaurant under new ownership, but in this case it’s straight-up closed for nearly 2 months for “rebranding” – suggesting wiping-out any brand equity in the process. If/when it reopens, it’ll be a different restaurant.