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True, but I would guess that’s down to the buyer, or contingent on what came along with the sale (did they buy the location? the name? any of the recipes? which combo of these?). We still have to wait and see whether the restaurant is still known as “Best Noodle House” when it re-opens. Based on the note, it sounds like it will be.

Here was what I wrote in the Best Noodle House thread in January 2017:


And Saturday at lunch, I found this on the door of Mr. Fish:

Apologies about the reflection, other angles were worse.


Ugh, one of my favorite restaurants!


Not sure if it’s been mentioned, but Shen Yang in Monterey Park has now converted to Guang Dong Garden. Brightly lit front with lots of red paper lanterns. Need to go back and check on a menu.


with that name, cantonese? i loved shen yang’s naengmyun.


Or perhaps it means Dongbei, like Guan Dong, the onetime Dongbei restaurant in Cupertino.


Thanks for the report. I noticed an ownership change sign in the window as I drove by last week, but literally ran out of time to investigate. TonyC reported Shen Yang being sold and turned into another restaurant (shabu shabu?) some time ago, yet they continued on serving the Dongbei dishes for at least a couple of years.


…and, invariably, something else turns up immediately after finishing the latest update.

Chronicling restaurant openings and closings in the SGV is truly a Sisyphean task.


that works for me - especially if they kept the noodle machines so as to keep making those buckwheat noodles.


You are right. It is Guan Dong Garden serving Dongbei cuisine. Just didn’tread it properly while driving


and here is their menu LOL



Open until 10, but apparently their kitchen stops taking new orders at 9:30, so I just missed being able to eat there tonight


For those of you keeping score at home, and are scratching your heads about the naming…

关东, in this case, does not refer to Guangdong Province (the former Canton) in Southern China. Rather, it refers to the Guandong area (loosely called Manchuria), located in the northeast (dongbei) portion of China.

Unless you are a Chinese-speaking historical geography geek, this is straight-up shittily confusing nomenclature for a restaurant.


Where’s the laowai version?


opening soon in rosemead


Yes! Where is this one located? Weren’t they rumored to be going into the 168 strip by New a few years ago?


yeah - the original plan was to occupy a space inside the 168 but 168 fell through on their renovation plans - i think they envisioning something like the 3 places that went into the ranch 99 on main in alhambra.

the pic (if you hadn’t guessed by the quality compared to my usual pics) was taken from BMMT’s FB page where it was posted earlier this evening. they didn’t list the address.


From their website:

Banh Mi My-Tho #2
9011 Garvey Ave # C
Rosemead, CA 91770

It’s at the corner of that new-ish state farm plaza


Thanks! Not sure if I missed it or they just added it, but I couldn’t find it on their website the other day when I checked.