XLB's (xiao long bao)


It appears that new Chinese money is driving many of the interesting restaurants developments in the SGV and beyond–maybe something to be thankful for. Also, with apologies to FTC members, who are probably all very stylish, I was a little amused by the notion of foodies making fashion critiques…


Yeah, I can’t ever bring myself to throw away protein.

That’s perfect beef noodle soup leftovers right there!


your mom did it wrong.

The Chinese remedy calls for double boiled (best be smashed) ginger and brown sugar for cold & cold. it kinda sucks to know, when you’re 40’s that Chinese moms screwed up more often than not, in literally everything.


50’s actually,but who’s counting? and i wouldn’t dare tell my mom now; she carries enough shame as it is.

besides. it had the most important ingredient: love


i created this in jest after seeing so many lao wai have tattoos of chinese characters, but it was pointed out to me that it is in fact true in chinese families. and i couldn’t argue against that.


Reviving this thread.

So where, in 2018, can one get “FTC approved” xlb in the SGV?