Yardbird: We Had a Southern Fried Yardbird in a Beverly Hills Mall

  1. Great report, @TheCookie! The chicken looks and sounds amazing. I hadn’t heard of this place and I think I need this chicken.

  2. I really don’t understand this brine. Maybe it’s a “dry” brine? Maybe they are injecting the brine and then letting the skin dry in the walk-in for about a day? And then lard? Again, might make sense for an injected brine. Baffling.



That could be it. It had those juicy pockets and the skin was still crispy.

I’ve actually heard of pork fat in a brine before. I just don’t know how they do it. :slight_smile:


That’s funny. I had some really fresh Wild-Caught Cod recently (loving the CSA boxes). It seemed a shame to smother it in coating and fry it. I thought of Ceviche and read the prep directions. Bingo! 12 hours. By my calculations we would have had to eat for breakfast the next morning - not exactly what I had in mind. So I smothered it in coating and fried it. :blush:




I never tried or made ceviche out of cod. I do occasionally make miso glazed or marinated local black cod but have never seen any moving parts in it.


Me neither :sweat_smile:. It was going to be an experiment.


Amberjack also has worms. The part of the flesh that has worms gets cut out by the fisherman or fishmonger. And we’re all still standing, so…


Never hurts to ask.


Thanks MrGuyGuyGuy -

Look at you! Mystery solved.

… a different person. :slight_smile: The waiter said it’s brined with pork fat and cooked in a pressure cooker w/no oil.





We’ve enjoyed Yardbird in Vegas and Miami several times so good to hear the LA branch is up to par.

Not many of these places still around but Chicken Box in La Habra still does broasted chicken. Their sides have a lot to be desired but the chicken is still good.


We like the chicken there, too. I’m not s fan of their sides, either. On lazy nights, chicken gets paired with pie from Marie’s next door.


I can’t remember if our ‘dive-bar-place’ even had “sides.” :slight_smile: I do remember that when their ‘equipment’ failed they didn’t replace it and we didn’t return. FWIW.