Your best ice cream recipes and tips


I’ve got some amazing strawberries from Oxnard that I need to use up. I’m thinking of turning them into sorbet. If anyone has tips or recipes, I would really appreciate it!


Here is Max Falkowitz’s version that I have had success with, I have used his ice cream recipe as well,


Thanks, @ebethsdad! I used your suggestion last night and the results were spectacular. It is the best strawberry sorbet I’ve ever tasted. So long as the Oxnard strawberries are good this season, I will be making it all summer long.


You are so welcome! If you don’t want to drive all the way to Oxnard I suggest Tapia Brothers, a farmstand on Hayvenhurst and Burbank. They grow their own strawberries. While you are there they have great corn as well.


The Oxnard farmers make it out our way via the Cerritos and Long Beach Farmer’s Markets on Saturday and Sundays. :wink: But great to know where good strawberries can be found in the LA/OC area!


We love this recipe - mexican chocolate ice cream. So rich and delicious!

We have an old fashioned ice cream maker that you use ice and ice cream salt with to make the ice cream. We like it because the ice cream is ready to eat immediately after churning. We had one, 15 years ago, that required additional freezing after churning. Not sure if the new ones still require that.