15 Secret McDonald's Menu Items That Will Blow Your Damn Mind!

Anyone have one of these ‘secret menu’ items?

I submit that none of these are “secret menu items”. They are lists of things to put on other things.
Well, except for the neopolitan shake, but McDonalds has let it be known that shake mixing is allowed and even promoted it with that ridiculous Chocolate/Shamrock drinking straw.

Most of these items are no more ‘secret’ than the fact that if you order french fries at Wendy’s, you can dip them in your frosty.

btw- the choc. mint shake is actually pretty good, at least as these sorts of things go.

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  1. Chicken Cordon Bleu McMuffin
    How to order: After 10:30 a.m., order an Egg McMuffin and ask for an extra McChicken patty in the sandwich.

this is actually pretty impressive.


If you have to order items and put them together to create your own McFranken-sandwich, then it’s not a secret menu item. A Menu item would be something you can actually order.

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Except for putting HB on a burger, I think they all sound pretty nasty.

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If I’m going to be blown, it won’t be my damn mind, and it certainly won’t be at McDonalds.