2 friends are visiting for the weekend

the fries are decent for crinkle cut.

Just tell your friend that Langers uses vegan steak! Worth a try.


That sounds like a fun weekend with friends. Kudos to you for balancing out the meals so every eater can try something.

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Rustic Canyon, Osteria Mozza


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Definitely Gjelina. Some pics to entice your friends. :wink:

Fresh, Wonderful, Delicious Veggies - The Vegetable Whisperer - Gjelina

One of the best vegan restaurants in the in LA is Plant Food & Wine on Abbot Kinney in Venice. Absolutely beautiful patio to dine at too. Great for brunch or dinner.

Langer’s PB&J is great. It’s the only thing I get there nowadays.

Mh Zh

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Their knishes aren’t very good—avoid.

Try the number 19, sub the pastrami with hash browns.


I highly recommend the egg salad sandwich on rye. :wink:

Or a fried egg sandwich on rye, or an omelette with rye toast.

If they can tolerate the noise level, Night + Market 3 is relatively close and certainly very LA (and I enjoy the food there)… Maybe DTF in Century City (unless they’ve already been to another location)?

No, the egg salad.

So what kind of spiffy electric car you have since you had to mention it?

VW eGolf. I like it so far!
– Written from Massilia


The Impossistrami.

I would pass on Gracias Madre. The bar is fun, but the dining room is beyond noisy and the tables are on top of each other. Outside is beautiful, but dirty. Bird shit on the seats and floor. I walked out twice before ordering. First time because the patio was so dirty and second because of the noise and cramped quarters. This is not intended to be an inditment of the food or service. Crossroads and Plant Food & Wine are better veg choices for sure.

Off topic: VW owners unite! (I have a Sportwagen)