2018 Soccer World Cup view-dine locations in the Los Angeles area

What a fun thread. I really enjoyed reading your reviews and updates, lots of great information and interesting details. The Russia report was hilarious.

Thanks for sharing your World Cup experiences with us!


Luv ya, Bookwich, and it’s been a pleasure “meeting” you! And thank you, too, for your sharing and positive posts. Your order-in of Persian food for a Team Iran game was just the thing, and I am still lusting after the lentil-fenugreek soup you included in the photo.

I remember you mentioned the take-out restaurant was in Westchester. I thought of you and your Persian food when I drove thru Westchester on my way out of the Cock & Bull (Santa Monica) for an Australia game, on my way to Victoria’s Kitchen (Inglewood) for a Nigeria game. In between, there was an hour of extra time, so I used it to discover Venice Beach’s/MDR’s Pacific Ave. with all the mansions on the east side of the street, and the Venice canals which, believe it or not, after 3 decades in L.A., I had never seen. That was really something. Those abodes must go for bazillions.

BTW, the Russia report was not meant to be hilarious; though I can see where someone would think so. (LoL) Every word of it was true.

Cousteau :tipping_hand_woman:


To me, what was REALLY hilarious was the zig-zagged chase thru the crowd of 150 at Alpine Village of me clutching a sandwich on a plate, shouting after the quick-stepping woman who brought it to me who refused to turn around or acknowledge me or take it back. It was like a scene out of a Marx Brothers movie.


"Meet Cousteau!" I am inspired to do a victory lap at one of our French venues to congratulate them in-person on their world championship, and to engage in a little of that fine cuisine! If any of y’all care to join me, I’m happy to buy you a drink. :wink: Reply with your choice of:

Atmosphere (Mar Vista),
La Poubelle Bistro (Hollywood) or
Les Petit Trois (Sherman Oaks);

start time:
3pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, 9pm, 10pm

July 22
July 23
July 24
July 25
July 26
July 27
July 28

Probably better to respond off-board via email; thanks.

Otherwise, the 2018 World Cup is a wrap! Thanxx so much to y’all who contributed, as well as those who read quietly. Maybe we’ll x paths again here on FoodTalkCentral.

Cousteau :woman_cook:


Greetings from 2018, bringing it into 2019! For those of you who were with this post of mine for the Men’s Soccer World Cup last year, I am delighted to now be reprising something similar for the Soccer Women’s World Cup. The tournament starts this Friday. Look for my post in a day or two, and your comments and field reports from the restaurants will be welcome. GO USA! :grinning::soccer::us:


So excited to have you back, @Cousteau! Looking forward to your notes.


No love for the UEFA Nations League? Ronaldo just got a hat-trick!

Can’t quite get to UEFA Nations League, if it’s already in progress. But, I may attempt the Copa Americas Cup! Perplexingly, it’s going on at the same time as Women’s World Cup; but, a good reason to try the Peruvian venues I couldn’t make it to last year! :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, thank you so much, Attran! And I learned a lot from you last year; feel free to keep it comin’. :smiley:

Again I need to point out my sage World Cup prediction.
And I am still reveling in Liverpool taking the European Cup.

I don’t think it’shard to predict this one. USA all the way.


FYI for those watching the games: the brewpub 6th & La Brea will be opening early and showing the games live (I see the banner advertising their Women’s World Cup specials as I drive to work each day). $4 house brewed beers. Not sure if they’re having food specials. I imagine this would qualify as a USA team location (if you want to follow Cousteau’s lead of matching the food to the team’s country–although the chef is Korean and the dishes lean toward Asian flavors. But this is LA so it’s American :wink: ).


I need the next PowerBall draw numbers, CB…

:rage: I’ll just have to relive the glory days of Karius, Liverpool’s greatest goalkeeper.

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Just saw this relevant article on LA Mag’s website:


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What is this fake tournament anyway

I’m rooting for Scotland!

Here’s the link to the new post: 2019 Soccer Women's World Cup View-Dine Locations in Los Angeles

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Thanks to you, LAgirl, I’m including this! Here’s the link to the new post: 2019 Soccer Women's World Cup View-Dine Locations in Los Angeles

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That Scotland v. England match should be a thriller! Here’s the link to the new post: 2019 Soccer Women's World Cup View-Dine Locations in Los Angeles

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Here’s the link to the new post: 2019 Soccer Women's World Cup View-Dine Locations in Los Angeles