2018 Soccer World Cup view-dine locations in the Los Angeles area

All three Lucky Baldwin’s get into the act. Lucky Baldwins Delirium & Cafe in Sierra Madre reports:
“Can’t tell you how long we’ve been waiting for this day (well at least 3 years and 364 days :sunglasses:). June 14th can’t come fast enough!! Our Sierra Madre location will open at 8am every day, Lucky Baldwin’s Trappiste Pub (on Colorado Blvd., just west of Allen) will open for all 5am games and Lucky Baldwins Old Town is flexible!!!
So many choices!!!”


I think I’d add Mercado Buenos Aires. That place will be poppin off

Yes, and I was delightfully flabbergasted to read on an LA-related site yesterday that Lucky Baldwin’s Old Pasadena location intends to be open for patrons who want to stay for even the 3am games!! They just won’t be serving alcohol between 2 and 6.


We’ll have to agree to disagree on that one. Much as the Mercado will be poppin, it is located in a run-down 'hood with drug dealers, strip clubs, and so forth. The venues I listed were chosen with including us gals in mind. I cannot recommend any female to go to the Mercado’s area. I’ll stick with the Buenos Aires Grill. :slight_smile:


When that 6 a.m. bell rings, a nice Imperial stout with that steak n’ eggs and they’ll catch up in no time!



My brother and I are in Culver City and we usually meet at JOXTER DALY’S [not Irish Times], sometimes with children in tow, depending on the game.

Joxter Daly’s serves English breakfast, and it is nice to have a Blue Moon or Hefeweisen to wake us up at 6 a.m.

Your list is terrific, thank you!


Are you serious? Sepulveda and Saticoy? Interesting. We’ve been 3 times and it’s just a regular neighborhood. It’s a restaurant in a plaza with many families visiting. I’ll be damned if I’m ever feeling like a place good enough for immigrant families is too scary for me… especially in the morning. I’ve sent my girl there alone twice as well to pick stuff up. … oh and my sister recently for their migas


Yes I’m aware of the Northridge restaurant and have been. My family is in that area. It’s also a plaza restaurant.


Thanks for that. I have a sister-in-law who would avoid anything like that. But she’s a racist/bigot through and through.

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You should re-read my reply post. It doesn’t say the VENUE itself is “scary”, and you are erring to imply that it did. The VENUE itself is fine once you’re inside. I enjoy its deli aspect and little grocery. But I maintain my observation 100% about the surrounding area. Strip bars are strip bars. I recommend any ladies to instead attend Buenos Aires Grill.

It’s unclear what exactly you mean by this, i.e. are you implying Nemroz is a racist/bigot; or that I am a racist/bigot? There is no mention of race whatsoever in my reply post. Please clarify.

Neither. I’m saying that my sister-in-law is a racist/bigot and she would judge any nabe with other than lily-white residents as being unsafe.

There is no mention whatsoever of whiteness or lack thereof in my reply post. Rather, I clearly referred to STRIPBARS and DRUG DEALERS. The printed text substantiates that fact. These phenomena occur in areas of any color.

Thank you for your kind words Bookwich, and I reckon it is actually YOU who is terrific! xo

Wouldn’t it have been something if Team Ireland had made it into the Cup? American Irish bars would be going wild!!

Thank u for hepping me to The Irish Times. It sounds dandy! I’ll make it a point to check it out soon. :smiley:


My mom goes to Mercado Bs As often and never seems to have an issue, and I personally haven’t seen any obvious drug dealers in the area. I am mostly oblivious, though, so I am happy to defer to others’ experiences. I will say that parking always sucks.

Wonder if they’ll let folks bust out the yerba mate for the 6 am game?

Sorry. Nemroz mentioned “immigrant families.” Most of them aren’t “lily-white.”

I too support Mercado BA as a patron (and yes, its parking sucks, Lol)

Buenos Aires Grill in Northridge has plenty of free parking…as well as a twist of romance! I know where I’ll be to watch Argentina. Yay!

Still not sure what you’re getting at, but the FACT is, there not as much as even one little iota of a mention of race or immigrant families in my Argentina post, nor in my reply to Nemroz regarding it.

So far y’all haven’t commented on the the FOOD. I am brand-new here at FTC, and don’t know what to expect from the membership’s dialog proclivities.

El Gaucho Market in Anaheim and Redondo is a Argentinian hangout that loves its soccer! I haven’t check if they are showing WC, but many times I see a bunch of old men watching soccer, sipping some wine, and munching on some empanadas

Great food too! The chimichurri is addicting! I always liked getting one of their sandwiches and some empanadas


We go off topic at times here with personal anecdotes.
Take no offense to this.

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From Nemroz post I didn’t even know what country’s cuisine was being commented on. I made an assumption with the choice of “immigrant.” I’ll let Nemroz elaborate further.