2019 Soccer Women's World Cup View-Dine Locations in Los Angeles

The 2019 Soccer Women’s World Cup is exciting as all getout! It begins June 7, culminating July 7, with teams from 24 countries. It happens only once every 4 years, and is looked forward to as if the Olympics. The thrill, the drama, and supreme athleticism are 10 on the scale. If your team is in the Cup and better yet, wins, all the better! This is what Team USA did in 2015. :smiley:

Host country this year is France; therefore we in SoCal are relegated to following via remote. Los Angeles, with its multi-cultural diversity and wide array of ethnic eateries, is literally the best place on the globe to watch the Cup while dining, in terms of viewing on TV at a venue corresponding to the country of the team that’s playing. That is a highly recommended excursion adventure, and the post herein is a guide to doing exactly that.

Due to the time zone differential, some matches are starting as early as 4am California time; before many of our local venues open. This impacts what venues are shown in the list below. Please check carefully before you make the trip to the bar/restaurant. Link to the match schedule: https://www.fifa.com/womensworldcup/matches/

USA: Tom’s Urban in downtown LA at the LA Live complex is having a watch party for every Team USA match, which is being put on by LA’s pro men’s team, The Galaxy. Get there early; it will get packed.

Lucky Baldwin’s Trappiste, 1770 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, despite its concept as a Britpub with French twist, is a stronghold for USA women’s soccer fans. Possibly this is because of its proximity to college campuses. Venues near LA’s colleges lean toward women’s soccer; i.e. try Rocco’s Tavern near UCLA, 1000 Gayley Ave., and so forth.

The Village Idiot, 7383 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood, is slated to show all the USA games.

ARGENTINA: The Mercado Buenos Aires, 7540 Sepulveda Blvd., Van Nuys.
New Buenos Aires Bakery & Cafe, 1723 W. Verdugo Ave., Burbank.

AUSTRALIA: No strictly Aussie venue in LA so instead head on over to Ye Olde Kings Head, or if after 11am to the Cock ‘n’ Bull, as the US-Australian Football League has been known to throw its parties at the latter. (See England/UK for info on both.) You’ll run into a few Aussies at these places, however neither venue serves Australian food.

BRAZIL: Roma-Bella Vista Brazilian Pizza, 10826 Venice Blvd., Culver City, opens 11:30am, is fairly spacious and sunlit, with big soccer mural on the wall. The pizzas have standard toppings but also feature some adventurous Brazilian ones: green peas, catupiry, hardcooked eggs, bland calabrese sausage, squash, beef stroganoff with potato sticks (yes, you read correctly, that is a topping).
Café Brasil, 11736 W. Washington Blvd., Culver City, opens 11am, is colorful, tropical, and casual. This is not a “churrasco” joint by any means. Rather, it has feijoada and carefully-seasoned combo plates; grilled sandwiches; and fruity drinkables. A sweet-touch avo-type cooks and oversees. Terrible service and mismanagement with the crowds during the men’s Cup last year; hopefully they will have corrected their sins since then.

CAMEROON: No strictly Cameroonian venue in LA, but a pan-African eatery such as Sumptuous African Restaurant, 1170 S. La Brea, LA (opens 11am) would likely be supportive.

CANADA: No known Canuck venue in LA anymore, since the Redondo Beach Café changed hands last year.

CHILE: Rincon Chileno, 4352 Melrose Ave., East Hollywood, and also at 15418 Hawthorne Blvd. #B, Lawndale; both open 10am.

CHINA: Tons of Chinese restaurants/bars in LA; the challenge is to find one you like that’s got a TV tuned to soccer and is open at 6 in the morning.

ENGLAND/U.K.: Lucky Baldwin’s, 17 S. Raymond Ave., Old Pasadena. Parking in the city garage 2 doors south. Britpub fare, with xlnt fish & chips. Beer/wine only. Indoor/outdoor.
Lucky Baldwin’s Delirium, 21 Kersting Ct., Sierra Madre.
Fox & Hounds, 11100 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, opens 11am/6am on weekends. Traditional Brit pubfare, plus American burgers and sandies and breakfast stuff. Darkened, somewhat rockmusic interior.
The Robin Hood, 13640 Burbank Blvd., Sherman Oaks, opens 11am. Lower-key vibe with a nice dining room separate from the bar; has the most comfortable seating of the pubs. Free parking lots around the back. Full menu. Very nice place; gauged to be THE best overall venue in all of LA for the men’s Cup last year! :smiley:
Cat & Fiddle, 742 N. Highland Ave. in Hollywood, opens 11:30am, is indoor/outdoor and rockingly quaint. Thoughtful kitchen which goes past (albeit includes) the usual Brit slop. Beware of tow-away on Highland; best to park on a sidestreet.
Cock ‘n’ Bull Pub, 2947 Lincoln Blvd., Santa Monica, opens 11am, has dimly-“lit” interior and blue collar appeal to go with its very-Brit decor and standard pubfare. Free parking lot.
Ye Olde Kings Head, 116 Santa Monica Blvd. in Santa Monica a half block away from the beach, opens 9am, is the most established and well-known gathering spot for limey expats in L.A. In the past they haven’t taken women’s soccer very seriously; supposedly this year they’re going to try to be better about it (though you may have to request the TV be turned to the game). Am listing this venue last…(LoL) Park in nearby City pay-garages, such as the one on 2nd Street, for about $10.

FRANCE: The Atmosphere Mar Vista, 12034 Venice Blvd., may as well be the hub of the French soccer fan community in LA, being French like the host country plus still in ecstasy over the France championship in the men’s Cup last year. Terrific, well-prepared food extending far beyond the usual café stuff. Recommended.
Moulin Bistro, 248 Forest Ave., Laguna Beach will likely be the hub for OC.

GERMANY: Wirtshaus, 345 N. La Brea, LA will open early for some of the games, but not all. Call first; 323-931-9291. Millennials-heavy crowd, eating many sausages, drinking lots of beer, and Instagramming their friends every hour.

HOLLAND/NETHERLANDS: Springbok Bar & Grill, 16153 Victory Blvd., Van Nuys is actually South African. However, Dutch fans come here for their games, probably because of Holland’s big part in South Africa’s history.

ITALY: Euro Caffe, 427 N. Canon Dr. #111, Beverly Hills, opens 7am, closed Sundays. Easiest parking is in city lot a few doors north, and first 2 hours are free.

JAMAICA: Natraliart, 3426 Washington Blvd., LA, opens 11am. Recommended.
We Jammin, 5103 Pico, LA opens at 10am.
Ackee Bamboo, 4305 Degnan, LA opens 11am.

JAPAN: Head to the restaurant/bar (called “the Ise-Shima”) at the lovely Miyako Hybrid Hotel, 21381 S. Western Ave. (enter on 213th St.), Torrance; the bar has the TV broadcast. Japanese and American breakfast buffets available. Nice all-ages crowd. This is a posh 4-star facility, state of the art, brightly lit and clean as a whistle. Free parking out front.
Las Galas, 103 Japanese Village Plaza on E. 1st St., LA, in Little Tokyo, opens 11am, and has many monitors, though not much of a cheering crowd. Best price parking is in the city lot around the corner on Judge John Aiso Street between E. 1st and Temple.
Fukagawa, 1630 W. Redondo Beach Blvd., Gardena, tucked quietly in the corner of the open-air Pacific Square shopping plaza, has a breakfast menu of Japanese items; then shifts to equally Japanese lunch plates mid-day. All are reasonable priced.

SOUTH KOREA: Toe Bang Café, 3465 W. 6th St., Koreatown, opens noon on some days (2pm otherwise), and has 11 TV screens. Not yet vetted; fingers crossed!

NEW ZEALAND: Tangaroa Fish Market, 12604 Washington Blvd., Culver City, opens 11:30am, has indoor/outdoor seating with mainly seafood menu. Their oysters can be xlnt. Beer/wine.

NIGERIA: Totos,15355 Sherman Way, Van Nuys is a real-deal ethno-diner run by nice people who just so happen to love soccer! Lots of stew-y bowls and jollof rice plates.

NORWAY: Olson’s Scandinavian Café & Deli, 5660 Pico Blvd. is a delight, serving its roster of gravlax, herring salad / egg salad sandwiches with Danish havarti cheese, Swedish pancakes, shrimp skagen, of course Swedish meatballs, the open-face sandwich smorrebrod, more. Olson’s is a combination cafe, diner, deli, candy store, and bookstore; with even a bin of free books you’re welcome to take. It’s also an amenable place to bring kids. The flags of Norway and Sweden outside their front door hail you in.

SCOTLAND: See England/U.K.

SOUTH AFRICA: Springbok Bar & Grill, 16153 Victory Blvd., Van Nuys, normally opens at 11am; call first re 9am matches (818-988-9786). Casual sportsbar owned by South African expat guys, featuring a few South African specialties (boerewors sausage, peri-peri chicken) in addition to pubstyle fare and American standards. Free parking lot around the back.

SPAIN: No Spanish venues open early enough. Try a neutral sportsbar (see below).

SWEDEN: See Norway re Olson’s.

THAILAND: Thai Patio, 5273 Hollywood Blvd., has an extensive menu, free parking lot, is brightly daylight, family-friendly, and more spacious than most.
Crispy Pork Gang, 5253 Hollywood Blvd., is open 24/7. Rah!
Palms Thai Restaurant, 5900 Hollywood Blvd., opens 11am, is an Asian entertainment-oriented venue where aspects other than just dining draw the clientele in (such as, their Thai Elvis impersonators). Be advised they can’t get the games which are on FOX, though.
Further, there are plenty of Thai restaurants in Thaitown and beyond…easy to find in LA.

NEUTRAL: The key to a good neutral venue is that it is open fairly early, and has plenty of monitors; such as:
6th & La Brea Brewery, 600 S. La Brea, LA, is proudly screening the games (including opening early for some) and having $4 tap specials.
1739 Public House, 1739 N. Vermont Ave., LA/Los Feliz, opens 11am.
Alpine Village, 833 W. Torrance Blvd., Torrance, is opening early for some of the games and having special Cup menu. Their schedule: http://alpinevillagecenter.com/2019-womens-world-cup/
Barney’s Beanery, 99 E. Colorado Blvd., Old Pasadena (opens 10am); plus 250 N. 1st St., Burbank and at the Redondo Beach Pier (open 11am, earlier on weekends).
The Crest, 1625 Cabrillo Ave., Old Town Torrance, opens 11am and allegedly earlier on weekends.
Golden Road Brewery, 5410 W. San Fernando Rd., LA, opens 11am/10am on weekends.
The Gordon Biersch, 145 S. San Fernando Blvd., Burbank, opens 11am.
Joxer Daly’s, 11168 Washington Blvd., Culver City, opens weekdays 11am but earlier on weekends…

…and many more. These are just a few examples.

Enjoy the Cup and the ethnic experience, definitely! And please share here how it goes for ya! :slightly_smiling_face:

All contents herein © 2019, C. Cousteau. Field reports by Cousteau below in this thread are also similarly copyrighted. You are welcome to share this info privately with friends & family. However, no PUBLIC duplication, re-posting, cut-and-pasting etc. etc. is authorized without Cousteau’s prior clearance. Violation is theft and infringement so you need to get it cleared first, k? Thanxxx …C.Cousteau@rocketmail.com


This is an impressive list!

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Aw shucks, Attran! :blush:

I thought we had a few obsessives around here. I was wrong. Bowing to the MASTER! Thanks…


Inquiring minds would like to know how you celebrated opening day, @Cousteau? Where did you go today?

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France beat South Korea 4-zip in today’s opener; it must’ve been quite a jubilant fete for the Frenchie hosts. But I just couldn’t make it today. I wish I could have. The first match I’ll be able to attend is Sunday, England vs. Scotland. Till then…

ENGLAND/SCOTLAND FIELD REPORT: Coming to you live from the Fox and Hounds Pub in Studio City, with an enthusiastic staff greeting its equally enthusiastic Word Cup customers. The venue, a darkened pubstyle sports-y bar which some nights has live rock bands set up on the dining room floor, has set up a super-large viewing screen where the bands usually play, for today’s event. All the smaller monitors are tuned to the match, too. Multiple copies of the official poster of the Cup adorn the walls, evincing the venue’s support of the Women’s Cup. Sparse crowd is divided equally between both teams. The entire menu is available this morning, but I was looking forward to breakfast stuff, so I got a combo plate. It had two scrambled eggs topped with melty cheddar; quarter-inch oval slice of ham, with nice criss-cross grill marks; thick, soft bigslice of griddled sourdough; and deep-fried breakfast potatoes, simply cubed and thankfully not mucked up with bell peppers or pimientos. Nothing extraordinary, but certainly good enough and hit the spot for 10 bucks. Cup of hot tea was excellent. It’s 2-1 England, a tight game and who knows what the outcome will be 15 minutes from now! X-citing!! :laughing:


JAPAN FIELD REPORT: Halftime here in the lounge/breakfast area of the Miyako Hybrid Hotel in Torrance. Pretty quiet in the game gameview/TV area, but I guess the travelers here are on tight Monday schedules doing other things. I’m passing on the $25 buffet, though it looks fine: an American aisle of bacon, pork links, scrambled eggs, brekkie spuds, General Mills mini cereal boxes and an omelette bar guy; and Japanese aisle of chafing dishes of salmon and mackerel chunks, sliced lotus root, seaweedy stuff, and a variety of finely minced plant-based items I don’t know the names of. I’m just getting a tall apple juice on the rocks ($5). All very low-key here this morning, in fact I was the first one there to ask the game put on. The commentators said Japan better step up its game if they are to win…it’s 0-0 now but who knows what the finish shall be!..


If you’re hungry, the buffet option isn’t bad. It’s a bit pricey, but @Chowseeker1999 has done a review on it before.

Might I suggest Fukugawa for the next Japan game? They open early and their Japanese breakfast is delicious…and a great value for the amount of food you get.

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Thanks to you, Attran99, Fukagawa is now listed above in the main post as a Japan venue. Namaste! :hugs:
P. S. Japan tied 0-0 today, with Argentina.

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I love the idea of discussing the venues but I for one would appreciate you not broadcasting current or finished game scores. I like to watch after work and it is a real bummer to see scores here.


It’s soccer. Assume 0-0 unless proven otherwise.

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Got it. I will no longer mention any scores or wins/losses (in the first 48 hours they transpire). Thank you for reading this post and thank you even more for your support of the Women’s Cup. That you make it a point to watch the games on tape delay shows your passion and dedication! :smiley::hugs::+1:


You may be able to catch the next England match at London’s Pub & Grill in Artesia. They’ve been known to open early for matches and various games throughout the year. They can make a hearty English style breakfast in addition to Indian masalas and burgers. Though I enjoy their food the last time I was there with coworkers for lunch for a ManU match, they were completely understaffed and service was terrible. I hope they’ve made the necessary adjustments.

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I would love to get down there and check out that venue, Attran99. I’ve already hit England for the Group Phase, but if they make it to the Knockout, I might be able to check it out! Will let u know in advance if possible. Thanks! :wink:

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THAILAND FIELD REPORT: Wrapping it up here at Thai Patio, which proved to be “the” place to be for today’s match. It is the only venue at the Thai plaza it’s in to have the game on; and my first stop, Palms Thai up the street, did not have the necessary FOX in their TV package. But Patio did, and its staff was enthusiastic about the game, as well as enthusiastic about their customers. The moderate lunch crowd had a few, though only a few, diners interested in the game. Menu was extensive, with many Siam specialties extending far beyond the usual American leanings. My 9-dollar plate of pork pad see-ew was oily, tasty and plentiful; so plentiful that I divided it in half and will take the box home. Would I come back, if for another game? Yes.


GERMANY FIELD REPORT: The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing at Alpine Village this morning, as the attendant at the entrance of the parking lot told me as I pulled up that their restaurant/bar was not open yet. I had to tell him that yes it was, for the World Cup. So I parked and went to the door, but found the door locked. Next I whipped out the cellphone to call the Alpine office; a guy answered, but then the call immediately shifted to repetitive ringing. I had to hang up and call back. This time I got through, and informed him their front door was locked. He was surprised and promptly emerged from the restaurant, cheerfully opening the door and saying the game is on. Indeed it was, on all the monitors (though I became the first person in there, since the parking attendant had been sending people away). This is not the first time Alpine has screwed up their soccer; they were a disorganized mess during the men’s Cup last year. (See my 2018 post, if you can stand it.) But it’s such a wonderful facility and concept, and special little LA jewel, that all is forgiven. I’ve been coming here too long and had too many good times, to forsake the big picture.

I ordered the bratwurst brek sandwich from the Cup special menu. I bit in and was surprised a runny yolk squirted out. I’d presumed it would be hard cooked. All those Sausage McMuffins, I guess. I scraped it out as I don’t like them runny. Sandie was otherwise fine. It came with a side scoop of hot German fried spuds, simply prepared. Beverage-less, as I wanted apple juice, but they don’t stock it.

The staff, all male, were very enthusiastic and cheery, and great oldies music softly in the background, like Booker T & the MGs.

The manager mentioned that for this year’s Oktoberfest, they will be staging it all inside the restaurant and around the Village shops; no more big parking lot tent. Fyi.

Whenever I’m here I always duck into the adjacent Alpine Market/Deli, with its exquisite and fun offerings of European groceries, fresh sausages and cheeses. I buy shelf stuff, like import German and Polish Knorr seasoning packet mixes, that I then never use. (Ha!) Today I grabbed some of their fresh kielbasa, plus a pack of Alexandra brand spinach-pork pierogi from the freezer case; all good.

Another pit stop I usually make when in this town of Torrance, is the fabulous Penzey’s Spices (21217 Torrance Blvd.). I did exactly that a couple days ago, after visiting the Miyako Hybrid Ise-Shima for the Japan game. Got some of their superfine-grind black pepper that I’d been wanting, for dusting on delicate things like scrambled eggs. Also spontaneously picked up a jar of their chipotle powder. On sale for 2 bucks; couldn’t resist.


SOUTH AFRICA FIELD REPORT: Nice little crowd of about 35 here today at the Springbok Bar & Grill; some here for the game, which most of the monitors are tuned to. A few folks are taking advantage of the outdoor patio with today’s mesh spring/summer weather; World Cup monitors are mounted out there too. I staked my place indoors in front of a bigscreen. Venue has stereotypical sportsbar fare, peppered with a few South African entries. It was part of the experience to try something South African, so I chose the piri-piri chicken. It was brought out surprisingly quickly. It turned out to be a plentiful amount of filet chx shards, coated in a pleasant enough spice sauce. Sauce was not super hot/spicy, nor was it complex. It was smooth and creamy-textured (though not dairy). Color was orange-red. I have a bottle of piri-piri sauce at home from a store; it’s more of a blond color. Whatever. Chx was mounded atop a bed of quick-cook/converted whitish rice. The dish was OK. Sides were a litely horseradishized (there’s a word, “horseradishized”) slaw which, I’ll give it credit, tasted house-made; and a simple green salad with mustard vinaigrette. They were all on the same plate, and the courses’ sauces/dressings all slopped into one another. Fare good, but not extraordinary. But that is not to sound critical; sportsbars are not to be held up to 4-star gourmet standards! (LoL)


ITALY FIELD REPORT: Euro Caffe is such a nice place to watch any televised soccer game. Its quaint courtyard setting and soccer memorabilia decor harken the enthusiasts in. Make no bones about it, Italy is the home team here. The indoor monitor was tuned to the Cup when I arrived, with the manager guy decked out in an Italian soccer jersey; and things got right underway. Menu is caffe-true of paninis, salads, breakfasty egg items, and espresso drinks. Its only lack was flavored basic cold drinks in terms of no lemonade, iced tea, Arnold Palmers, apple juice, Coke. I went with a hot/grilled mortadella panini, which came with mixed green salad on the side; and an orange San Pellegrino to wash it down with. Panini ingredients were mozzarella, sliced tomatoes, and arugula in addition to the mortadella. It turned out the flavor of arugula was a bit too strong for me in the morning, so I scraped that out. Otherwise the panini was dandy. There were no disasters at Euro Caffe this morning, but one sure hit the fan later when I got home. Yikes, that’s another story…

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NEW ZEALAND FIELD REPORT: Tangaroa Fish Market probably excels at its raw bar; 'cause it didn’t with the cooked menu items I ordered. The white “Kiwi chowder” was a bland and almost pasty potage containing only a few visible microbits of the clams the menu description stated, nor any of the mussels and fish. The nine dollars charged for such a petite little cup of soup infers some sort of exquisite rarity or excellence; which it absolutely was not. The 25-dollar Fisherman’s Basket of battered/fried stuff was OK – prawns, oysters, a chunk of white fish, and some calamari. Batter could have used seasoning, at least more sodium. Its oysters were indeed xlnt. The calamari had a different coating, lighter in color, almost like a fine-grind panko or cornmeal. I’ll give them credit for changing it up. There were no dipping sauces; just a lemon wedge. There are not even salt & pepper shakers at the tables. My extremely sweet & cheerful server let me swap the basket’s fries for “collard greens” – but they turned out to be a strange bird: al dente collards mixed with segments of their bitter stems, some kale, little pickled onion rings, sliced cherry tomatoes, edamame, and raw (but heated) white corn kernels. OK once, but I wouldn’t get it again. Washing it down was an Arnold Palmer, shamefully made with that funky-tasting pre-fab “lemonade” which comes out of plastic containers and stocked via restaurant suppliers. I am always baffled as to why top-flight eateries proffering excellence or attempted excellence use this crap as their lemonade. The Farfalla trattoria in Los Feliz is a similar violator (bless their hearts otherwise). Nothing’s cheap here and I left $46 poorer. Would I come here again? Not if I’m paying.

The server flipped the game on and at an uncomfortably loud volume. It was on three indoor monitors. (Tangaroa also has some outdoor patio seating.) I had to put in earplugs. At halftime a manager/owner-lookin guy came in and turned it d-o-w-n. Shortly thereafter he left the game on but flipped audio to house music. Not much of a turnout for the game; a surprise, considering the ravenous way the reviews of this venue read. I got here on the early side, to be sure to get a seat. Turns out, no hurry was necessary. I didn’t like the way the game was going, and left before it was over.

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