2022 Thai Town update?

Lol they do these little graham cracker things in the shape of a pig that I’m pretty obsessed with. They go great with coffee and cost like 2.50.

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interesting! we used to love their bbq chicken and the weird papaya salads

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I’m just going to say it Noree is better than Luv2Eat. Confirmed a couple of weeks ago again. Now that they offer things like jade noodle there’s no upside in waiting at Luv2Eat and sergio is in the house a lot.


Sapp can’t be beat! Our original love and never fell off… but it has been too long for us

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Wow will have to give Noree another shot, only have a small sample size to go off of versus many many Luv2Eat orders.

Gonna need to go back soon for some more kua kling…

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Noree’s quite a schlep from Thai Town.

True. All these west siders here might enjoy the closer alternative… easily combined with cultural offerings of the area.

Sure, I’m just noting the location since the topic is about Thai Town.

Finally made it to Lad Nah Silom and wow, the pad Thai was amazing. Complex, smoky, barely sweet and vegetarian by default. I got mine with no egg.

The folks are friendly and the sidewalk setup is so fun.


I was surprised how good the Pad Thai outside Silom is. Also seems to be blowing up recently.

Amphai/NTFC is my favorite years later. My mom is Southern Thai, and the usage + combos of herbs is still foreign/mindblowing to us. The vermicelli noodle dish is unbeatable for me. “Hell chicken,” too, when they have it. It’s one of the only quality places I know where you can’t adjust the spice, and where it hits exactly where I want it. (P.S. When you go to the bathroom, you can sneak a peek at their spice racks… they fly a lot of stuff directly from the motherland. Some weird things that are impossible to source here.)

Sapp still might be the all around best for me after a couple decades–despite the staff being relatively unfriendly, even if you speak Thai or go every week.


Service level: Asian


Lad Nah Silom is making their way around some of the IG accounts I follow.

It’s definitely on my to-do list.


Went last week, and there was a line. Good for them!

For me it was good but a little goopy/sweet/wet. And the dried shrimp were a little large/sharp. I prefer the tiny ones. But I’m not an expert on pad thai by any means.

Also went to Mesa thai. Think I slightly prefer their special pad thai by a hair, though overall I like Holy Basil or Pad Thai Khon Kaen at Yai. Mesa has an untranslated/loosely translated list of specials, which I think are mostly som tum variations?

*pictured pre assembled are Nam Khao Todd and Moo Tok Krok.


Speaking of Amphai NTFC and Holy Basil, Mama’s drive-by kitchen has this available for pickup on the west side this Sunday if anyone is interested in trying the food and doesn’t want to schlep to DTLA and thai town. https://drivebykitchen.com/


Thanks for the intel.
$ 65 seems pricey for what you get but less driving means something, I guess.


It’s not cheap, but the price is fair IMO. Compare with the Holy Basil Table22 subscription @ $68 for a meal for 2 that you pick up yourself. Holy Basil — Table22 From previous experience, it’s worth it if you’re not realistically going to go out and try these places yourself.

Of course, if you’re willing to drive out and pickup you can get it cheaper. However Mama’s markup isn’t bad and it supports the community too. From what I’ve seen it’s very much a grass roots org, no one’s trying to get rich off it. If you have the means I think it’s worth supporting them.


Thanks for that information…I never heard of this group and it does seem to be offering a benevolent/community-oriented service.


Had it again this week, the Pad Thai at Lad Nah Silom, and now agree it’s prob the best of the versions I’ve had recently, Holy Basil, Mesa, and this. A little more complex and deep. And they take Venmo.

On another Thai town note, does anyone know what’s up with Pailin? Both times I’ve tried to go during listed hours it’s been shut with the metal gate closed.

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Jitlada remains my favorite by a wide margin. I eat there with the expectation that it is going to blow my senses away, and boy does it ever. I’m not going to claim it is most refined or anything. It’s generally too spicy for Peony.