$205 Ribeye Rip-off at Chi Spacca last night

I love Chi Spacca - been many times.
Most of the meal was fantastic:
New dish (to me) Potato, Comté & Caramelized Onion Pie with mustard salad was fantastic (though I think the mustard salad was just frisee - maybe that is what mustard greens are, IDK). Such depth of flavor and wonderful crust.

Hell, even the Ribeye was fantastic.
Elvis (Nancy Silverton) was in da house (not cooking but drinking wine and supervising someone’s meal).

The problem: at least half the slices of ribeye were much too fatty to eat.
And I do not mean marbled - I mean surrounded by inedible, untrimmed fat. Had the steak been properly trimmed no one in their right mid would sell it for $200+.

Fortunately, it was just two of us, so we had more than enough meat,and the meat was incredible. Well cooked and well seasoned. Great bone too.

We did not send it back but probably should have.
We did alert them on the Comments Card.


thanks for the report!

they look like red frisee mustard


to me, frisee is so cheap and kind of gnarly to eat: calling it mustard without saying frisee is a little slick.

Never seen frisee that dark, but maybe its a thing.

I feel like ordering steak at Chi Spacca is a rookie move. Most people seem to be disappointed by it in one way or another. The pork chop is the large protein of my choice there.

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It’s not frisee it’s Red frill mustard


Yes. I usually do one of the large pork dishes or the chicken but was with a steak lover (who, it must be said, loved the steak just not the fat or the fat price for the fat).


What made it inedible?

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Hold up wait a minute, what’s in that pie?

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Per the post: "Potato, Comté & Caramelized Onion Pie "

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Sauted Russian Kale? i used to get that at FMs



Correction: technically the fat edible.
Anyone who enjoys a mouthful of thick warmish, chewy fat with zero muscle will definitely be happy with the steak. And maybe even the price.


Most people i know cut around the ribeye fat.

For such a large thick cut of meat its beneficial to keep the fat cap on so that it cooks evenly. Perhaps you would have preferred they trim it off after cooking? I for one enjoy those pure fat bits on the outside, lightly rendered and a little crisp and smokey.

Thanks reading comprehension isn’t my strong suit.

I am not talking about that, not “bits” - I love a bit of charred fat as well.
This was swaths of pure fat.
I wish i took some pics.


Yea, that’s just the nature of ribeye. They have to grill it whole, it’s kind of the thing with ribeye. I’d def not order at that price.

Now you’re making me want to grill up some ribeyes tonight.


Depending on the beef and how well the fat has been cooked, I sometimes prefer up to 50-50 meat and fat, and usually 75-25. My usual complaint is that they didn’t leave enough fat on the steak.

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If this was your steak, you would eat all the fat on it?

That looks like the standard ribeye i’m buying and i’m with the crew that’s not eating that South America shaped blob of pre-tallow


Yeah I would definitely cut around that chunk of fat