3 Ingredient Almond Cookies

I saw this recipe on Food52, featured on Slate this past week, so naturally I had to try it. Almond cookies / croissants / ice cream are some of my facorite. I already make what I consider to be a pretty great almond cookie based on the classic peanutbutter cookie, but swapping crush almonds and almond butter for peanuts. They’re delicious, but almond butter isn’t cheap.

This recipe, though, contains 3 things. sliced almonds (MUST be sliced), 1 egg, and sugar. Whisk egg into sugar, coat almonds, spoon onto baking sheet and do 325 for 20 minutes. let cool.

They are sweet and crispy and the sugar caramelizes at the edges and everything gets a nice toasty flavor. Impossibly easy, and a fantastic base to play on. I want to experiment by maybe adding just a touch of vanilla. Maybe see if adding a pinch or two of salt might bring out even more flavor.

Here’s the recipe:

And here’s my cookies, which are almost gone (they’re a great tea & cookie version). But that’s ok because it quite literally takes longer for your oven to heat up than it will to prepare these cookies, including cleanup.



Thanks SO much. We have the SF part of the family coming up in a couple of weeks and that daughter doesn’t like chocolate. These sound great for everybody!

Please tell me how they came out for you.

They’re SO easy to make I decided I wanted another batch. This time I added about 1/4 tsp. vanilla on the advice of the partner. It definitely rounds out the flavor and makes them taste a little more like traditional baked goods. Her comment was “Wow. They taste exactly like fortune cookies!”

Also, we stopped and got some fancy icecream from Lisa Lou’s chocolates (Malted chocolate. yum) and if you stick a soft scoop between two of these awsomely crispy sweet cookies, well… you have got yourself a fine ice cream sandwich!

And it just occurred to me, these are gluten free, for people who have to worry about that sort of thing.

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Similar recipe using marzipan, one of the best simple desserts I know: