30th birthday dinner

The big 3-0 is forthcoming and I am looking to do a group dinner with 7/8 people. Have no clue where to go. Not a huge drinking crowd, open to all cuisines. Would like to keep it around $100 pp with tax and tip. Was thinking Ospi? What is the environment like there? Keeping options open.




Yes yes thinking Saffys. Good to know I could do Majordomo for my price point.

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Cobras & Matadors?

Brick + Mortar

Girl & the Goat
Chi Spacca

The above, might have to order with some restraint to keep it under $100 per person all in.

Park’s BBQ
Night + Market

A party that size, you might think about pre-ordering.

Really too bad Bari reportedly went downhill.


Go to guelaguetza when music is in and have a party


I’m really liking Yangban Society right now.


Do tell more? Been wondering how the new menu is…

Korean BBQ in Ktown >>>> karaoke>>>> taco truck/stand>>>>sleep/happy ending.

Parks, Soowon, or AYCE (Jjukku Jjukku, Hae Jang Chon).

Pregame at The Prince.


I dunno about The Prince for a group that doesn’t drink much.

For me, the Prix fixe menu at Yangban has been pretty good and could fill a person on their own. but what i like is that you are not held to just ordering that. Recently we went with 4 people, we ordered 2 of the prix fixe menu and we ordered more stuff from the regular menu. we could’ve ordered 1 prix fixe or none at all. the prix fixe menu even includes their own bottle of soju. There’s a lot on the menu we didn’t order cuz we already had so much food.
All the drinks are in bottles and they give you ice and glasses for you to fill on your own and you can take the drinks home if you want. We ordered the barley tea and weren’t able to finish so we took it home.
The cooking is usually on point and the only thing that someone might have a problem with is some flavors not going well together (to their personal taste. for me, the biscuits with kare, was kind of unusual and the biscuits were a little dry) I also wished they had more of their “fusion” pickled fermented stuff like they did in the beginning, the pickled takuan and dill type pickles were ok…
One thing that was unusual is their payment system, After we ordered we were charged on the spot and anything else we ordered would have to be charged separately and paid on the spot again. i think they said, that was how their original setup for payment was made and they plan to change it to a more standard payment system…
We liked that you can walk up to their “minimart” and order your bottled cocktails, drinks, etc and just pay for it on the spot like a store and take it to your table which we thought was convenient.
overall, vibe was nice and fun. not too loud, good mix of music. Service was friendly and helpful and food was brought in a timely manner and paced correctly.
overall, a great time.

Stuff we enjoyed: Plum & Beet, Fried White “Soondae” sausage, Yangban Signature wings, Garlic & Dill tots, Wood Grilled Sea Bream, Bone-in Heritage Pork Katsu, Dry Aged New York, Yangban’ The Works" soft serve, Whipped cheesecake.


For less drinking and good food and fun here’s some ideas:

Kbbq at parks, aghassi gopchang, or kan ho Dong baekjong. All easily under budget the latter 2 do not accept reservations.

Newport seafood or Boston lobster. House special lobster feast plus all the rest of the items like French style beef, pea shoots, kung pao chicken, and steamed fish. Their meal sets are a real steal all easily under budget.

If you guys aren’t heavy drinkers republique, majordomo, bestia, mozzaplex, and other board favorites you can easily get out of there around 100pp if you are mindful of how many cocktails or bottles of wine you order. The drinks at those places are what will get you. Also call head some of the places if you have 8or more might require prix fixe menus.


Good call on Newport/Boston Lobster for a bday celebration or any celebration. That is a SGV classic by now. Don’t forget post dinner boba drinks

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Lots of others gave you good ideas, but nobody opined on your original choice, Ospi. Which I think is quite good and would make an excellent spot for the party. It doesn’t seem to get much love on this board but I like it.


All good options. I think I am into this newport seafood idea. I have never been to any SGV restaurants and I have seen that lobster. I am going to pass on KBBQ. I can get that anytime and I don’t want to cook for my birthday.

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The better Korean BBQ places will cook for you.

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Yup pretty much all of the by the plate KBBQ will cook it for you. Some AYCE will buy that is the exception

Be aware that New Port doesn’t take reservations (walk-ins business only), so you’re at the whim of the queue gods whenever you decide to go there…

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Looks like the San Gabriel location (only) takes reservations.

Fair point. Just don’t think it’s the environment I am aiming for. I am really digging this Newport seafood. If I can make a reservation.